Throwback Thursday 8: Faked Alaska

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In keeping with last week’s vague theme of ‘getting the staffers to do stupid things in pursuit of a story (just make sure the life insurance policies are up to date first…)’, we’re going back a scant ten issues to Singletrack 74 and the Faked Alaska story. Join the Dave and Sim Show as it sets sail for the New World…

UK Adventure: Faked Alaska.

Dave and Sim came up with the silly idea to end all silly ideas. Needless to say, we earmarked the pages and sent them on their way.

Words by Dave ‘it’s all downhill from here’ Anderson. Pictures by Sim ‘I don’t like getting my ears wet’ Mainey.

My paddling career began one glorious summer when I spent six months on the dole straight out of school with a like-minded group of outdoorsy slackers. The facts that we were young and invincible, holed up on the coast and  in receipt of a perfectly timed gift of one of my older brother’s ex-competition slalom boats converged into what seemed a suitably adventurous, but totally achievable plan. Sitting on the beach one day after a particularly satisfying surf session scaring the Wirral windsurfers we decided that on the next calm day we’d head off and canoe to Wales; we could see the place, how hard could it be?


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This feature first appeared in Singletrack Issue 74, June 2012. For more great content, check out the Singletrack Mag Archive – every magazine we’ve ever made lives here.