Updated: Stolen Trek Madone Spotted at Ride London Event

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Here’s a better picture of the bike from the stolen bike listing

Police are looking for the rider of a Trek Madone 4.9 that was reported stolen hours before it was snapped by an official event photographer, complete with the victim’s event number board still attached, while it was being ridden down the mall.

The owner reported his bike stolen at 1pm on Saturday 3rd August  after discovering thieves had broken his lock after leaving it at Green Park near Constitution Hill, London.

Following the event the owner stumbled across a picture of his bike being ridden by someone as yet to be identified while browsing the images of the official event photographer.

The ‘suspect’ is described as a ‘white male wearing blue cycle helmet, sunglasses, a blue and white striped t-shirt, beige/grey shorts and blue and white shoes.”

But why bother with that description when there’s a perfectly good picture of him..


Have you seen this man?

Anyone with information is urged to contact PC Brierley who is leading the investigation for the Cycle Task Force on 07768 928456 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The full details of the incident can be read here on the Met Police website.

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  1. Might help if they purchased the actual image rather than using the preview? Surely??

  2. Devil’s advocate here but other than the fact that the rider doesn’t looked suitably dressed for a £2k+ bike, is there any proof it is the actual bike?

  3. From the Met website
    “An official Ride London photographer taking pictures of all riders participating captured the stolen bike, with race numbers still attached, being ridden along The Mall.”

  4. I’m glad that the Met have a sense of humour (see URL):

  5. I’m confused. The bike in first picture looks box fresh(tag stoll on forks etc.). Then there is a rider who is riding the same bike at (coincidentally?) the same event a bike was stolen from. What proof is there that this is the self same bike? Given that the first picture does not show a race number.. For instance.

  6. I’m guessing that the bike was about to be ridden in the event, and the idiot who stole it rode it instead. When it was stolen, it had the number boards attached, which is why the owner found it so easy to find on the official photo site.

    Make sense?

  7. Yes.. The owner just entered his bib/board number in the online gallery database and lo! Up popped his bike with a stranger attached to it, riding in the event he couldn’t ride because his bike had been nicked a couple of hours prior.

  8. It has different tyres.

  9. Using my brain, I have deduced the picture of the bike was excitedly snapped when he first got it, hence the tags and packaging still attached, and chosen as an identifier as it was the best one he had.

  10. Hot dang Bigrich! You could be right! 😉

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