Bike Park Wales Episode One – Origins

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We’re looking forward to Bike Park Wales opening, in the meantime they’ve sent us a video to whet our appetites.

For the last 6 months film maker Liam Murphy along with Cognation have been following the construction of BikePark Wales, the UK’s very first large commercial bike park. Liam has been there through the highs and lows of the construction process and created an amazing insight to the driving forces behind this project.

In episode one we join the team as construction on site begins. 4 years after work on the project began back in 2009, ground was finally broken in February 2013. The team are nervous but excited about the task ahead as the visitor centre is laid out and construction of the trails begins. The first dig day brings an amazing turnout of volunteers and new friendships are forged through a mutual desire to create something positive.

BikePark Wales opens to the public on Saturday 24th August and you can book uplift online on the BikePark Wales website now.

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