Race Face breaks 500g chainset barrier

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…well, it might be would be more accurate to say that they’ve nudged up against the 500g barrier- but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Like a very light thing.
Like a very light thing.

In the first piece of what we understand to be a whole lot of interesting news from the recently-reborn Canadian firm, Race Face have announced a new Next SL crankset that – including a chainring, bottom bracket, and all hardware – weighs in right at 500g.  Granted, the shift to a single chainring [see what we did there?] doesn’t hurt- but for comparison, SRAM’s single-ring’d XX1 crankset weighs 650g with its BB.  That means that pulling on your Race Face could shave 1/3lb in one fell swoop.

Fat spindles are happy spindles.
Fat spindles are happy spindles.

In order to offer virtually unlimited spider and chainring options, Race Face have introduced what they’re calling their “Cinch” system.  In short, it’s a removable spider that is attached to the right crank arm via a proprietary spline and fastened with a lockring and a standard bottom bracket tool.  In order to hit the headline 500g mark, riders will have to go with the company’s direct-mount Fat Skinny Narrow Wide (XX1-style) chainring, which is 9-, 10-, and 11-speed compatible and offered in even sizes from 26-36t.

One is enough. Right?

The Next SL arms themselves look to be no slouch:  built in Race Face’s Canadian facility from US-sourced carbon fibre and aluminum, they are among only a handful of carbon components built in a first-world country.  While details are scarce, it sounds as though Race Face have gone the e*Thirteen route with a 30mm aluminum spindle.  BSA fans need not fear: compatibility “across all relevant frame standards” will be offered, as will different spindle lengths.

Pret-ty bike.
Pretty bike.

While we all pretend that we don’t dote over our bikes and carefully evaluate prospective purchases on how they fit in with out bike’s aesthetics, well… we do.  The green may be on-trend, but that blue looks rather nice, doesn’t it?  Stay tuned for pricing and availability details as we get them.

The triple lives! And the double. And the single.
The triple lives! And the double. The single and the bash ring too.


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    Very nice.

    What is it with this sport that makes people weigh things in grams but count weight savings in pounds?

    Race Face Bottom Bracket?
    hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Like that will work….

    30mm spindle is that so it will fit BB30 and PF30 as well race face own bottom bracket, if so it’s a crank that would move happily from bike to bike.

    Given Race Face have managed to get a narrow fat chainring out for half the price of XX1, I’m intruiged.

    But Next SL was a crazy price before whereas XX1 crank with ring is similar if not less than X0 and less by a margin than xtr..

    Have I overlooked any reference to price?

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