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Modern marvel that they are, no photochromic lenses will adapt at the speed needed by mountain bikers as they instantly transition from open sunny trails to forested shadow. However, the reality is still fairly useful. ‘One pair of glasses for all rides’ pretty much sells them as far as I’m concerned and in that respect the critical feature is the range over which they will adapt, however slowly.

The Masai range is impressive in that in the dark they adapt to being almost completely clear, which makes them suitable for night rides. The other end of the range isn’t very dark, but that’s a good thing as you don’t want riding glasses to be as dark as your beach gigs – that’s how accidents with trees happen.

As important as your viewing ease is comfort and that’s where these glasses really stand out. The arms are long and spread the pressure equally and comfortably along the side of your head. The nose bridge is soft, flexible and crucially not simply a strip of rubber attached to the frame.

I’m a fan of this black framed pair for much more than taste value alone as the frames don’t sit obtrusively in your field of vision like white or brightly-coloured frames do. Other functional features are the vented lenses which help keep them clear at slow speeds when you’re sweating at your best – like those long summer climbs I’m such a fan of.

Overall: A truly year-round and very comfortable set of technical glasses without the price tag of the big brand(s).

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Product:Masai glasses
From:Endura, endura.co.uk
Tested:by Mark for Two months

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