Monday Morning Debrief 36

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By the time you read this we should be heading towards a ferry. It’s time for another trip to the big mountains on our convoluted way ‘Road to Eurobike’.

There’s a vague plan in place that so far only includes a first night stop at Tegernsee, in the Bavarian Alps, for a quick spin and stock up on Hirschkuss and dunkel, beyond that it’s either going to be Zillertal or the Dolomites depending on the weather.

Good times, all the time
Good times, all the time

Zillertal’s a new area for us, but we’ve heard good things about the riding there especially the lift assist backcountry and also the trailbuilding thats been gong on there. There’s rumours of two hour plus singletrack descents we’re looking forward to hunting out.

But we’ve also unfinished business in the Alta Badia, with the promise of some high mountain loops complete with hike a bike and  Rifugio stops. Pink granite sunsets and italian food are a hard combination to give up on (not mentioning the better coffee).

The beauty of van trips though is the flexibility to play everything by ear, not stuck on any particular plan and able to make the most of the weather opportunities that arise. Wherever we end up I’m sure the riding will be good, and if it isn’t we’ll move on. A simple plan and one that rarely goes wrong.

Dolomiti dreaming
Dolomiti dreaming

A weekend of packing and last minute bike builds, but at last we’re on the road. As WiFi allows we’ll be updating on where we’re riding.  Big mountains, long days in the saddle, and hopefully hot weather and sunshine; what better way to prepare for a week of Eurobike?

What did you get up to this weekend?

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    Please publish some route info on tegernsee when you have it.

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