Monday Morning Debrief 35

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Eurobike is looming!

It’s going to be my first time at Eurobike this year and it’s something that fills me with both excitement and dread. On the plus side you get to see all the shiny new kit and bikes and hook up with friends from across the world but I’ve also heard the tales of the madness that rises during the endless days inside vast hangers trekking from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Maps are good...
Maps are good…

So I’ve come up with a simple survival plan.

Ride. Ride a lot in the week before the show. Ride in the mountains, in the sunshine and store that up to compensate for the hours of inside, under fluorescent  lighting, indoors, away from the continental summer outside. It’s a simple plan, but if I’m perfectly honest I cope best with the simple ones and they tend to come good.

So the weekend has mostly been spent poring over maps and coming up with a vague plan; nothing written down, nothing set in stone. We know where we need to be at the end of the trip but beyond that we’ve just come up with a loose list of where we’d like to ride and final decisions will be spur of the moment and mainly decided by weather forecasts. Set of from Hull to Rotterdam, drive to Munich and make the rest up as we go along. This has become our Road to Eurobike plan; a Eurobike bucket list if you will.

The only job that needs doing before the trip is to build a functioning bike out of the bits that have been arriving over the last couple of weeks.

It just isn’t a road trip unless there’s some last minute bike building and fettling, hey?

Where did you ride this weekend?

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