Looking at stems. Chris Froome has inspired us!

by Chipps 6

In the style of the great ‘Kim Jong-Il looks at things’

comes our new favourite website distraction. Produced by the folks over at The Sufferfest, it shows a LOT of photos of Chris Froome, Tour de France winner and new British (and African) hero, looking at stems.

You can get to it here!





It’s got us all at it…

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  1. I think you’re missing the point, wait, no, I see it now.

  2. how is the whole ‘Chris Froome looking at a stem’ even remotely funny?

  3. It’s comedy by repetition. And the captions are very good.

    Mmm… missing the stem.

  4. HaHaHa – I don’t get it

  5. He plans to inflate his lips next year, for buoyancy.

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