GT Bicycles launch 2014 bikes

by Dave Anderson 6

A quick trip down to the glittery lights of Manchester got us a look at GT’s upcoming range for 2014. There’s a couple of new additions that you may have seen under a certain Atherton family maybe?

So let’s kick off with the Enduro focussed GT Force

GT Force X Carbon Expert

That gut at the front's cheating
That guy at the front’s cheating

Two models are available in the Force range; the Force X Carbon Pro (£5,299.99) and the Force X Carbon Expert you can see above (£3,999.99). Both feature GT’s AOS: Angle Optimised Suspension, more about that in a bit. Both bikes will come equipped with Fox 34 Float CTD Kashima 160mm fork and Fox Float X CTD Kashima rear shock. Angles are slack, long and low and are inevitably 27.5.

Mr Wide
Mr Wide

The Force X Carbon Expert comes with an SLX drivetrain and Formula RX brakes, the Carbon Pro is XT throughout. Both bikes are finished with branded finishing kit and a Rockshox Reverb.

AOS detail
AOS detail

So the AOS  is very much an evolution of GT’s earlier I-Drive suspension system; using a high pivot mount to optimise suspension action while relying on Pathlink, a large linkage, to move the bottom bracket relative to travel and reduce chain growth under action.

Sensor Pro


The 27.5 Sensor range sees five models altogether; two carbon framed with the remaining three hydroformed 6069 aluminium. Prices range from £4,999.99 for the top of the range Carbon Pro to £2,299.99 for the lower specced Sensor Elite. The Sensor Pro pictured here is priced at £3499.99 and is the top of the aluminium framed bikes available.

Gives you wings
Gives you wings

The Sensor is a 130mm/130mm trail bike. All models are equipped with Fox Float Boost Valve rear shocks and the Pro models have matching Fox Float 32 FIT forks up front (other models come with Rockshox Sektor). The Sensor Pro sees a full Shimnao XT drivetrain and Formula T1 brakes.


On all models there’s a neat sag o meter  to help suspension set up.

Zasker Carbon 9R Expert

Black! (and red)
Black! (and red)

Fancy a Zaskar? Pretty much the signature bike from GT for a lot of people, the 29er Zaskar is available in five models too. Again top two models in the range are carbon, this time ‘F.O.C Ultra Carbon Speeed Blend’, with the Carbon 9R Expert being top of the range. Lower models are ‘Speed Metal’ hydroformed alloy.

Front end
Front end

The Zaskar Carbon 9R Expert has full XT drivetrain and Formula RX brakes. A 100mm Rockshox Reba Gold RL fork takes care of suspension duties. Price is £2,599.99

The triple triangle's still there
The triple triangle’s still there

The full range starts at £999.99 with the Rockshox XC30, Shimano Deore, Avid DB1 equipped 9R Sport.

 GT Fury

Feel the fury

For more GNAR! there’s the Fury range; a 220mm travel downhill bike that’s available at four price points starting at £2699.99

I think we've seen this under someone successful recently
I think we’ve seen this under someone successful recently

All the way up to the £5999.99 Fury World Cup, a bike that’s proved pretty successful this year.

End Uro

 You may as well get the matching Force X though then yeah?

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  1. Introducing an enduro bike with someone cheating in the background :O It looks nice though

  2. They look very good VFM next to Specialized and Trek… Nice one.

  3. How does the advertising campaign go for the Force? “GT: Our sponsored rider won’t ride our production bike”

  4. Great idea photographing a black and yellow bike in front of a black and yellow advertising hoarding!

  5. That lower suspension pivot / shock mount looks like it’ll be a pain to clean when it’s full of mud especially with all of the cables through there too.

    A grand for a hardtail with Deore? Am I missing something? We seem to be going backwards in terms of spec on OE bikes.

  6. Force Carbon expert. £4k and SLX. What?

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