Let us introduce you to codename SBU V3 (with video!)

by Dave Anderson 6

Singletrack US Special Agent Marc Basiliere reports…

What’s the hardest part about riding a unicycle?

If you said finding the desire to ride a unicycle, you may well be correct.  But once that desire has been embraced, the hardest part becomes learning to ride a unicycle.  For all of us stuck between desire and ability to be come a unicyclist and who are also indifferent to mocking by friends, family, peers, and strangers, SBU have a solution: the self-balancing electric unicycle.

Wow, it's that good
Wow, it’s that good?

The 27lb device, “codenamed the SBU V3” combines the potential for ridicule associated with both electric vehicles and the novelty entertainer’s transport of choice to–one hopes–transcend both.  In effect, a single-wheeled Segway, the SBU has “no handlebars, no steering wheel, no need for any of that!”

Simply lean forward to accelerate, back to slow, and (presumably) to the side to steer.  The hands are kept free to… well, we’re not sure (but juggling does come to mind).  All at speeds of up to 15mph.  Truly the stuff of GOB Bluth’s dreams.

electro uni
electro uni

After 20-30 minutes learning time, the self-balancing unicycle “becomes as natural as walking and talking,” allowing its proud owner to travel up to 10 miles in “eerie silence.”


Although your US correspondent has seen roughly zero SBUs in action, we are assured that “the SBU V3 has for many people in the United States become an integral part of their daily commute.”  Eddyline Ltd are excited to bring the SBU V3 to the UK- and would likely be even more excited to take your £1,685 in exchange for one.

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  1. …?… Does look like some kind of fun, but quite what kind , I don’t know..

  2. It’s the backwards peeling in a urinal stance of the “pilot” that puts me off

  3. Or, just learn to ride a unicycle. It’s not actually that hard, it’s a good laugh and it’s brilliant for your core strength.

    You would look like a right tit carrying a 27lb unicycle with a flat battery into work in the morning, and it doesn’t have any pedals for when it runs out, making it far less useful than an electrically assisted bike.

  4. Good fun though, right?

  5. Maybe £50 worth of fun, but £1685 is just insane!

  6. yes looks fun but not at that price
    You could get a car for that 😉

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