Eurobike 2013: Schwalbe Tyres

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Schwalbe was one of the first companies to start offering tyres in the new 27.5in size. Not surprisingly, it seems to have had its tyres specced on the majority of bikes of the Third Way. Needless to say, it was showing all of its current treads in the new size. However, hiding among them was some new tread for people with 26in and 29in wheels.

The ultimate Thetford racing tyre?


The tread on the left is the new (and named in a Facebook competition as you can probably tell) ‘Thunder Burt’ tyre. It’s a super, super low tread tyre for quickness. Nick Craig is going to love it for all conditions.

The middle tyre is far more interesting to many people. It’s the Dirty Dan (a tread that Danny Hart was rather successful on a couple of years ago) and it’s now available in a 29in x 2.0 with a triple compound. Great news for 29er riders, who’ve had a limited choice of properly aggressive winter tyres up until now.

It’s all there for 27.5in riders. Now, where are you all?

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