Eurobike 2013: Demo Day Trends

by Chipps 9

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We’re just back from our wander around the Eurobike Dirt Demo. Apart from amusing ourselves by watching grown men gurn up paved roads on downhill bikes (the riding isn’t that rad there) we were also treated to a few sneaky previews of what to expect in the show halls over the next three days.

Obviously we’re going to save the really juicy stuff for later as we always like to start with a quick roundup of what’s hot and trendy. From our quick tour of the booths at Dirt Demo, some of the standout things we saw included fat bikes, electric mountain bikes, bright 1990s colours and, needless to say, oodles of 27in bikes.

It had to happen. German high engineer, Nicolai has produced a bike for those fat tyres.


In acid greeny yellow.


Obviously, it’s belt drive too. However, it’s still 26in!


The other bike causing waves was the Salsa Carbon Beargrease. Building up into a 23lb or so bike, it’s got a lot of people excited.


Beargrease pre-splatted


Enough clearance?
Fatbike-sceptic Dave gives it grudging props.
Comes with a matching fork.


And then there’s the electric mountain bike phenomenon. Here’s Scott’s suspension bike. There’s also a large range of them from Cube, Lapierre has a couple, as does Haibike. We’re going to get some in to play with soon.


Zoomy enough for you?


For sure (schure!) we’ve been seeing a lot of the Euro styles on show. Bibshorts over white T-shirts, skin suits over large people and, well, this sleeveless boiler-shorts setup.


More actual bikes to follow shortly…

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  1. loving the fat german

  2. great idea getting Guy Martin to model those boiler shorts………… 😉

  3. The Prof! Í showed him around the Basque Country last year, seriously, seriously quick both up and down. Really nice guy, totally crazy 🙂

  4. Like the Nikolai! Not sure about a carbon fat bike, just seems wrong for some reason.

  5. Carbon fatbike is ace. I wonder how much carbon fatty rims will be…

  6. me wanty carbon beargrease
    me no needy though

  7. “sleeveless boiler-shorts” – SOOO wrong!

  8. That Nicolai looks amazing!

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