Eurobike 2013: Stan’s Valor. NoTubes Goes Carbon

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Tomorrow, Wednesday at Eurobike, Stan’s NoTubes is going to pull the wraps off the new Valor carbon wheelset. Here’s a quick preview and we’ll give you the full scooby when we get a chance to see it in person tomorrow.

It’s Stan’s first carbon rim and the first carbon rim with NoTubes’ Bead Socket Technology for tubeless use, and it’ll come in all three mountain bike wheel sizes (26, 27 and 29in) with a 3.30 Disc Ti hub, 24/28 lacing and with individually reinforced spoke holes. There’ll be multiple axle options, along with a regular or XD cassette driver option.

Familiar Stan’s rim profile shape. Could the Valor be the new go-to XC pro racer wheel?
Shiny carbon, reinforced spoke holes.

Stan himself has said:
“The truth is we could have made a carbon fiber rim years ago, but it wouldn’t have been a genuine NoTubes rim. High Spots of extra resin, ragged seams and overlaps, and shape and width deviations have somehow become acceptable on wheelsets costing several thousand dollars, but we require much higher tolerance. It took us years to find a technology and manufacturer able to consistently produce this rim”

There’s no word on weight, price or delivery yet, but we’ll let you know when we know.

UPDATE: And now there is! Wheel sets will weigh 26in 1170 g, 27.5 1200g  and 29 1230g. We had a look at the rim in person (need pics?) and the thing in real life is wider and less XC-skinny than we feared. Looks a great wheel so far.

Wheelset weight is with 15mm front and 12 x 142 rear with xd driver.  Tentative US price is $1900.

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