The Highland Trail 400, Part Two: Hard is still fun. Just.

by singletrackjenn 11

Greg May, Singletrack contributor, fan of long bike rides and Unicorn Grocery crack noodles, took part in the inaugural Highland Trail Race earlier this year. Not only did he finish the ride, he enjoyed it enough to write us a story about it, too (though ‘enjoy’ is a subjective term…). Here’s part two of issue 83′s Premier Feature; it’s a long tale, as befits a long ride, so grab a coffee/cuppa and settle down for a good read…

Words by Greg May, pictures by Greg & Arno Minner.

(Need a recap? Here’s part one: The Highland Trail 400 Part One: Hard has never been so fun.)

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Comments (11)

  1. Superb account of the emotions of the race Greg. Great writing.

    That climb over to Glen Affric at night was pretty “special” though wasn’t it 😉

  2. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent story. You almost had me wanting to join in until the bit about testicular cramp. Yipes. o_0

  4. Yep, that night-time hike up Glen Affric with a bust rib is one I won’t forget in a hurry! Great write-up, Greg! 🙂

  5. Great write up. Inspitational

    It would be good nice to see a full kit list including the bags you used.

  6. Already did that 🙂 Pretty much the first thing that people asked for, so on my personal blog at :

    Any questions, pop a comment and I’ll eventually get to it!

  7. An amazing achievement and a great write-up. Very inspiring 🙂

  8. Great stuff Greg. Really nice to relive the stories of your final day, and to reflect on own my completely different final 24 hrs. This really is an awesome route that I wholeheartedly encourage others to ride. Just don’t take it lightly. It will chew you up and spit you out if not respected.

  9. Thanks for that Greg. Really enjoyed the read and got the subscription for that reason – was worth every penny. Utterly different conceptions of the easy and hard going moments. But even touring it takes you to those mind games. I’m still not sure what’s easier, riding alone or in a small group? “Inevitably all riders smashed it from the start” bar one that is 🙂 I was so bothered in “saving” my legs the first two days. And I must say I would have expected an ode to chammy cream… Cheers from Switzerland

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