Monday Morning Debrief 31

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Remember playing out as a kid until your mam had to drag you in, kicking and screaming. That feeling of having to squeeze every last daylight second into the perfect moment you’re smack bang in the middle of?

I got that feeling this weekend.


An early slope of on Friday to meet up with mates to make the most of the now obscenely dusty state of the local trails, meant a scorcher of a ride both in temperature and quality. An introduction to a new bike helped, with the chance to blast on singletrack I’ve been riding long enough to know it’s every twist and turn. An afternoon well spent and one that set the tone for the next two days.

Moor riding?
Moor riding? Yes!

Saturday was an opportunity to embrace the maxim “mad dogs and englishmen” and embark on one of those ‘keep adding a bit extra to the loop ‘ rides because everything was so perfect.  Sun bleached, salt encrusted and dehydrated I finished just as it started to cool down. All the good stuff sampled, bike tweaked to perfection, everything good in the world again.

Soak it up
Soak it up

Sunday sees another blue sky, another reason to ride as much as possible. Out early and back late.  A big ride with all the extras. Drop back down to home  on the usual trails, I’ve ridden them faster each time I’ve hit them this weekend and I’m happy with that.

Sunburnt, dehydrated and with battered legs. Is there a better way to start the working week?


How was your weekend?

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