The Highland Trail 400, Part One: Hard has never been so fun.

by singletrackjenn 15

Greg May, Singletrack contributor, fan of long bike rides and Unicorn Grocery crack noodles, took part in the inaugural Highland Trail Race earlier this year. Not only did he finish the ride, he enjoyed it enough to write us a feature about it, too (though ‘enjoy’ is a subjective term…). Here’s part one of issue 83’s Premier Feature; it’s a long story, as befits a long ride, so grab a coffee/cuppa and settle down for a good read…

Words by Greg May, pictures by Greg & Arno Minner.

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Comments (15)

  1. Greg that’s one of the best articles I’ve ever read! Both dreading and looking forward to doing it next year………

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed reading that. This race is on my hit list.

  3. I’ll echo the comments above, really looking forward to reading the whole article.

  4. Deeply impressive, inspirational stuff.

  5. Bloody marvellous… Can’t wait for the next bit.

  6. Great to read what was going on in your head as we headed round that killer route. Can’t wait for part 2.

  7. Bring on the next instalment, this is great….

  8. “For some, donations of Haribo from fellow racers and the promise of pizza over the next hill were the only thing that kept them going.”

    I don’t know what you mean :p

    Excellent writing though Greg. You’ve captured the enormity of it very well indeed.

  9. Thanks Ian, wondered if you’d get the reference 😉

    James – I’ll send you the unedited version as well…even more ’emotions’ in it.

    keep your eyes open for the next bit.

  10. Fantastic – more, more more!

  11. Brilliant. All I’ve had from Phil about it is “it was fookin awesome”, so this is both entertaining and educational 😉

  12. Fantastic… so so tempted…

  13. What a fantastically awesome and stupid race! Can’t wait for the next part.

  14. Great write up Greg! For those who are interested Aidan Harding also has a lengthy piece about the race on his blog – it’s long but worth it, especially the final installment.

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