Knox Cross Lite Knee Pads

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Pro tection
Pro tection

Knee pads are one of those items of bike wear that can be really noticeable on a ride; a catch 22 situation where you want protection but at the same time want the freedom to pedal unhindered.

The Knox Cross Lite knee pads are an admirable attempt at getting that balance right. A ‘hinged’ feeling design which helps mould the pad to your knee, which when matched to the stretch mesh backing feels pretty good not quite second skin but not far off.

Designed and made in the UK, the pads are built with Flexiform+ pu foam (a CE approved armour) which remains fairly flexible in use while soaking up hits when needed. Extra padding to the inner and outer knee should fend off rubs and scrapes and the pads feature a band of padding over the upper knee for extra protection.

The Cross Lites are held in place with a single adjustable strap across the upper leg and a large elasticated velcro strap which sits mid way down the pad. Stretch mesh makes up the back of the pad and it should be noted this requires you to fit the pads without shoes on. In use the straps felt comfortable after a bit of fiddling with strap tension to get the comfort to secure fit ratio just right, although when pedalling the mid strap did have a tendency to bunch and cause mild rubbing.

The Cross Lites are available in two sizes and two lengths so it’s well worth trying before you buy to get the best fit for your legs.


A competent pair of knee pads, minimal strapping for that unrestricted ride feel but need tweaking to get them just right. Light, fairly unobtrusive but there when you need them.

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Product:Cross Lite Knee Pad
From:Planet Knox
Tested:by Tanya for 2 months

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