Tuesday Treats 49: Bicycle Doctor

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This week, we introduce Bicycle Doctor.


Tom picks up the story:

‘Bicycle Doctor is a cooperatively owned bike shop based in Rusholme, South-central Manchester. There are six of us with no owner or manager, so we’re all directly involved in the day to day operating of the shop. We firmly believe in the original ethos of the store; same say, same pay. Between us we’ve ridden, raced, fallen off, broken and fixed almost every kind of bike and we’re still at it after 30 years in this location.

‘The Doctor(s) will see you now’

We’re all kept busy enthusiastically fixing and selling bikes to keep our locals peddling around the city and we put in a lot of effort to push and promote local cycling initiatives. From our beginnings as a touring specialist and being the first Manchester shop to sell MTBs in the 80s; we’ve not strayed a great deal and we’re most thrilled when people want to get out of the city and into the sticks with our specialist help’.

What’s your current best-selling/hottest product?

Since my Cotic Rocket landed in-store, we’ve had a lot of people grappling for their own version of the Rocket and for good reason too. Being based just over in the Peak District they know all about riding, UK style.

Quite a few of our customers are also taking to the new Surly Krampus 29er ‘mid-fat’ bike, as a more versatile way to experience the joy of the Fat!

Any Custom Builds you care to mention?

Ah, the world of the custom build. It’s a reason to get seriously excited about coming into work. Check out these recent examples of our custom built beauties, and learn more about our dedicated programme for making sure you get what you want, with our professional support.

Otherwise, we loved sorting out this XS Cotic Soul with Rockshox SID fork, HopeTech hoops and XT kit. We were impressed to say it weighed in at 26lb!

26lb of steel joy and another happy customer

Lastly it’s not our most recent custom build, but is a little bit special. Check out this 9:Zero:7 Fat bike with the 11-speed Alfine hub, powder coated fork with custom paint job/decals and all decorated with HopeTech brakes. Truly unique!


Which product/brand does every staff member have on their bike?

It’s so obvious, you’ll have not thought it possible… a decent, loud, shiny bell! Where are your manners please people? Bells are essential, especially if like us, you spend a lot of time riding the highly populated Peak District or on-route to your favourite trail.

What’s going on locally guys, shop rides, grass roots stuff?

We used to be known as the Flying Doctors but we relinquished our formal responsibility, passing on the gauntlet and now we’ve become Twisted Wheels. We held a couple of rides last year; one local and one out in the Peaks and we’ve got some stuff up our sleeve for later this summer. So join us on Facebook and Twitter if you like that stuff and we’ll keep you informed.

We held regular club rides back in the day, but there was far too much of this going on.

It’s worth pointing out at last there’s some mountain biking straight from our doorstep. There’s new all-weather trails near the Sports City Velodrome, just a mile or two up the road in Clayton Vale. They’ve also got a bit of a skills area so we’re really pleased to see the sport supported around here.

Recently we’ve also been supporting the campaign for the pedestrianisation of the busiest bus route in Europe on Oxford Road, which is at the end of our street. It’s happening as part of the congestion management next year and we look forward to the start of a more Dutch style segregated cycle route approach.

What do Singletrack Subscribers get from you guys?

Bicycle Doctor offer Premier Subscribers 10% Off Labour, Parts and Accessories, 5% off New Bikes/Frames (not already discounted). We also do 3 free services on all new bikes.

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Comments (8)

    Nice to see they are still going, I bought my first bike (Trek 920 Singletrack) from them in 1994, the bike’s still giving sterling service in its commuter set up.

    Thanks Billy thats nice to hear. I’ve just been shown an amazing t-shirt design based on the crash photo made by one of the Twisted wheels lot after it happened
    see here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/fourfootsquare/works/3032920-twisted-wheels-crash

    I’ve had great service whenever I’ve been to Bicycle Doctor.
    Bought my Bontrager Privateer there in the late nineties. Still got the frame in the shed.
    The world of retail is better for shops like this one!

    Can you tell me if the picture of the bloke doing the unintentional endo was took at Cannock chase ,it looks identical to the place where me and at least two of my mates have ended up in A&E doing a similar clavicle breaking manoeuvres !

    Yeah you are spot on, someone said they’d seen an almost identical photo and it happened a lot there! I wonder what it was about that jump…

    As a former Doctor I’m so happy to the this grate bike shop going from strength to strength. its got so much good history and looks like its securing its place in Manchester cycling future. keep up the good work.

    Cheers Alex, you should get that one built into a city hack, if you live near a city!
    Alexx – good to hear from you! Pop in soon dood

    Bought a pair of Bolle edge glasses there back in ’91. They went right lovely with my Buffalo mountain shirt, Ron Hills and purple/green Axo Pony boots. Happy days.

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