Connex Special ‘Black’ chain

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As far as test products go, I usually fall into the ‘neglectful customer’ niche. It’s not that I don’t appreciate fine engineering. It’s just that at the end of a cold, wet ride, I have neither the time nor the inclination to get the hot sudsy water out and lovingly sponge off my bike before resting it to dry in the bathroom. At best, the bike gets a hose down, a bit of squirty lube and is then hung up in the shed. When I get it out again though, it needs to work perfectly, or there’ll be trouble.

Therefore, the idea of this ‘XHB’-hardened black chain appealed due to its corrosion resistance. German company Connex has been making chains for a long time and its connecting link is often found in trail tool kits, regardless of the riders’ chain choice. Talking of the link, it’s a ‘one way round’ job that needs just a bit of thinking to make sure it’s on correctly or you’ll get a skipping chain. Unlike many 10-speed links though, it’s relatively easy to undo without tools.

The chain went onto my Shimano-equipped bike with part, but not heavily, worn rings and cassette and has been fine from the get-go. The chain has resisted all of my passive and active attempts at neglectful damage and still looks great. Of course it still needs lubing, but at least it’s not gone orange yet. Shifting has felt no worse, or better, than the Shimano chain it replaced and, so far, I can’t fault it.

Overall: A good option for replacement chain needs, with a simple quick-link and a finish that I’ve not manage to make orange yet.

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Product:Connex Special 'Black' chain
From:Extra UK,
Tested:by Chipps for Four months

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