Rab’s World – Mountain Bike Wednesday

by Dave Anderson 0

We’re now five months into the new year and a lot has already taken place. I had a slight false start to the season at the first round of the Scottish Cross Country series due to illness. Things didn’t improve much the following week at the British Cycling Cross Country Series at a snowy Sherwood Pines. Following these races I managed to recover and my racing season is well underway. I’ve managed to perform in my last three races including two good weekends in Germany, as well as a fifth place at the second round of the British Cycling Cross Country Series. I was especially pleased with that race as I made the five rider podium, as is the case at all of the BCXC races. It was great to finally feel like I was doing my new team and bike justice.

It's all about the lean

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Once we have finished a lap the sun is beginning to set. We retrace our steps across the fields and back into Linn Park. The fast descent is reward for the steep climb an hour earlier. As we exit the park a quaint little pub presents itself. Unfortunately on this early spring evening the sun is already setting and riders need to get across the city before night fall. This establishment will be remembered for another night in the summer. It certainly won’t be the last city based ride of the year.

All images courtesy of Jamie Simpson/Herald & Times