Monday Morning Debrief 27

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A bike flavoured weekend but with little actual riding for most of the  Singletrack team this weekend. Whilst Chipps ‘competed’, the rest of us rode the wave of tiredness that is manning the stand at Wiggle Mountain Mayhem, in between heading into the woods with a camera to capture the action or cow-belling encouragement to riders returning into the arena.

Waiting for the inevitable

Races are a good opportunity to meet up with friends, meet new ones, share a bit of bike love and see what’s happening out in the world beyond the gritstone walls of the valley. Different faces, different bikes and different venues but with an underlying theme of two wheeled fun (and agony) to join it all together.

The photo chute

A weekend spent jonesing for the chance to ride, listening to others experiences out on the course, reliving the ups and downs of racing second hand through the stories of others. Looking at my Highball strapped to the entrance of our stand to act as bait to lure in the potential new reader, and wishing that I could sneak out for a sneaky lap, a quick spin on the rollercoaster rooty descent I’ve spent time photographing others on.

So I’ve diverted off the route back north, taken the opportunity of a mid journey break, I’m bunkered up in Mid Wales and my weekend starts here; I’ve got a map full of potential and a strong need to get out there and ride. I’m heading out and I may be some time…

Dampened enthusiasm

How did your weekend go?

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