Issue 81 Wallpaper and GPX File

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Get even more of that awesome summery cover shot by downloading it and using it as wallpaper for your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Choose your desktop size and click to download it.

Download the wallpaper for iOSIssue 81
Download the 1920x1200px desktop wallpaper
Download the 1920x1080px desktop wallpaper


Borrowdale Bash Route Files

We produce our route guide maps for the mag using Tracklogs mapping software. If you use it too then you can download our .trl files so you can produce your own maps.

GPS users can download our raw GPX file and upload our route to their devices.

Borrowdale Bash GPX File

The Borrowdale Bash- Tracklogs Route 1
The Borrowdale Bash- Tracklogs Route 2

Comments (6)

    Any chance of any of these wallpapers appearing in 2560×1440 soon?

    Wow! That’s big..

    Not at the moment unless there’s a particularly strong demand for it.

    2560×1440 is like 29 inch wheels: it’s the new standard.

    *27.5 I think you mean…. 29 is so last year

    Any chance of an issue 78 wallpaper?

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