Singletrack Enduro 6 – last chance to enter

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It’s almost time for the 2013 Singletrack Enduro 6 and the weather’s looking promising.

Enter now and you’ll get 6 hours of pure Catton Park pleasure and pedalling joy.


You can enter online HERE

Race Categories

Enduro 6 main race categories:
•    Pairs Women
•    Pairs Men
•    Pairs Mixed
•    Open Women Solo
•    Open Men Solo

About Enduro 6

Saturday 4th May 2013

15.00 – 19.00 Mountain Bike Races Registration Open

Every competitor must sign on in the catering tent, collect your race number and helpers number, Champion Chip Timing Chip and T-shirt if you ordered one.

Sunday 5th May 2013

8:30 – 11.30 Registration

11.00 – Pre-Race briefing at the finish/start line

12.00 – Enduro 6 MTB Race
500 competitors will test themselves around a 6mile course of undulating terrain to see how many laps they can fit into the 6 hours.
The race will start with a short Le-Mans style run.

18.00 – Race End Complete your lap
The last rider should finish around 18.40.

19.20 (approx) – Prize Giving for Enduro 6.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three in each category. We invite all the competitors to stay and show their support for the category winners.

Venue Information

Catton Park in Staffordshire is a first class venue with an established track record of endurance mountain biking. Facilities available from Friday morning until Sunday evening include:
•    Free camping. (Friday morning until 8am Monday morning.)
•    Excellent facilities, including flushing toilets.
•    Trackside parking, to get you right up close to where the action is.
•    Excellent catering facilities.
•    On-site drinking water.
•    Extremely well marshalled and signed course.

Comments (5)

    Enduro? I thought enduro events had timed stages. This sounds like a long xc race, which was a marathon event a few years ago.


    “which was a marathon event a few years ago”

    and were called enduro’s before that 🙂

    Rickos – you’re getting confused with “Gravity Enduro” and “Enduro”. they’re different things.

    I was being facetious.

    Personally I think an Enduro event should be as the motorbike version – timed stages. Long XC races should be marathons or something else, but not Enduro. Enduros have always been Enduros in Italy, France, etc. and it’s only here that it gets confusing.

    Anyway, probably a subject for the forum where it’ll run to 348 pages and get locked after someone punches somebody else.

    Enduro Six has been called Enduro Six for more than ten years. Calling it Marathon Six wouldn’t help matters. Besides, shouldn’t that be Snickers, anyway? Snickers Six? 🙂

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