RockShox updates the Monarch family and XLoc

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 More news from Rockshox; this time an updated Monarch and introducing XLoc Full Sprint, twin lock out lever for forks and shock…


Monarch XX now with remote lock out

Monarch RT3 paved the way last year with the introduction of Rapid Recovery with it’s all new damper design: now the rest of the family follows. Then entire Monarch family now is tuned with Rapid Recovery.

Refine, Refine, Refine

In addition to the new Rapid Recovery rebound tune, Monarch XX, RL, RT, and R have improved compression circuits that improves compression bump performance while expanding the tuning flexibility for bike brands,  allowing even further refinement to their chosen tune. These refined beauties run smoother, quieter and more consistent than any previous version of Monarch.  ..

Walking on Air

That new bulge at the bottom of the new air can isn’t an extraneous industrial design feature, it’s a redesign of the negative air volume in the Solo Air spring system that improves small bump performance.  On top of that, Monarch RT3, XX, RL, RT and R now features a high volume eyelet option called HV-i. It allows for a higher volume, less progressive shock without the bulk or weight of the full High Volume air can.  HV-i couples perfectly with bikes that need a little less progression, but don’t need the full High Volume air can system.

Icing on the Cake

New and improved seals help keep the Monarch rear shocks performance constant and reduce friction, retaining Monarch’s position as the best performing, most-versatile air shocks on the market.

RockShox XLoc Full Sprint – Dual Hydraulic Lockout Remote

Twin hoses for the XLoc Full Sprint


Ever wished you could lock out your front and rear RockShox suspension instantly and simultaneously, to get the extra edge for that final sprint to the finish or the grueling tarmac climb to the top of your favorite trail? Here comes XLoc Full Sprint, which allows you to lock your SID or Revelation XX fork and your Monarch XX rear shock with the simple push of your thumb.

XLoc – Times Two

XLoc is a completely sealed and dependable lockout control, which works with a single thumb press: push to unlock, push again to lock. It’s that easy. Some of our XC racers admit to use their XLoc as often as their shifter, to gain that extra edge when sprinting out of corners or on smooth bits of the course. Now imagine being able to do the same with your fork and shock: that’s XLoc Full Sprint.

Easy Setup

Setting up the XLoc Full Sprint remote is a breeze thanks to Connectamajig – a hose-coupler that does not require bleeding for initial setup. Simply route the hose from the rear shock to the remote, connect, and you are ready to roll. XLoc Full Sprint is mounted on a MatchMaker X clamp for seamless integration with your SRAM shifters and Avid brakes.

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