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It’s Worldwide Weir Week and we’re celebrating it, with a bumper crop of  movies for your delectation.

Time to open your eyes and visualise; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

Continental Orange: Alpine 160 Timelapse Build

Timelapse bike build of the new 2013 Continental Orange Alpine 160 enduro based team bike with rider Rob Scullion ready for a season of gravity orientated racing.
I got together with Continental team rider Rob Scullion to document his build experience of the new 2013 Continental Orange Alpine 160 team bike. Fashioned in all the latest and greatest from a bunch of their generous sponsors this team bike is set to stand out above the crowd at the races. The Continental Orange team, a three man strong team consisting of Rob Scullion, Mike Inman and Aled “Pysgau” Griffiths will be focusing mainly on the gravity orientated races based in the UK, and have set them selves on the right foot from the get go with this machine!
Photography & Videography: Laurence Crossman-Emms // laurence-ce.com

BTR Fabrications – From The Ground Up

Find us at: facebook.com/geebeebeemedia | Please vote for this film in the Sony PROduction awards: bit.ly/btrFTGUs
Walking into the workshop at BTR Fabrications, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in an ironmongers, a car repair shop or a man-shed of epic proportions. Surrounded by both familiar and ‘what on earth does that do’ engineering machinery, you quickly realise you’re at the heart of where something special happens. This is where bikes are born.
Bourne from the ambition to design and build bikes for individual riders, rather than a one-size-fits-all bike for the masses, the bespoke cycle industry centres around the passion and craftsmanship of people like Paul Burford and Tam Hamilton, who are Burf and Tam Racing Fabrications. Working from their shed in Littlehampton, UK, BTR have delivered frames to customers around the world, specialising in their steel hardtail models, the Belter, Ranger and Ripper, whilst developing prototypes such as the 4X-specific Ignitor and the Enduro DH full-sus Thrasher.
Despite the organised chaos of the workshop, Burf and Tam both have established backgrounds in engineering, expertly combining their knowledge of materials, techniques, design and CAD, to produce these handbuilt beauties. And whilst their frames can be bought off-the-peg with standard BTR geometry, the guys pride themselves on being able to customise numerous aspects of their stock frames to their customers requirement, such as a half-degree angle here or an extra few millimetres there, so no two bikes are ever really alike!
After seeing how their bikes and team riders perform in local grassroots races (they’re currently on a winning streak), and seeing their popularity and customer service in the field…literally, we approached the guys with a view to making this film about them, to show their expertise and skill, together with their enthusiasm and personal enjoyment in crafting these bikes.
During our two day shoot working alongside the guys in the shed, it was clear that, like a tight sounding band, Burf and Tam didn’t really need to talk to each other that much, with each of them concentrating on the task in hand, then handing their work back and forth until the tubes started to resemble those trusted parts we see each day. After a lot of precision cutting, milling, notching, de-burring, cleaning and welding, Ripper frame number 021, for local rider Aaron Bennett, gradually started to take shape on the jig. As the second day drew to a close, the signature BTR ‘X’ tube gussets were welded into place by Burf, and the frame was finally born.
“Two guys with a dream, in a shed…and it’s actually happening.”

Trail Ninja How To: Pump Track 101 with Mark Weir

The Trail Ninja (aka Dan Milner) goes in search of mysto pump track voodoo and finds it at Mark Weir’s backyard.


Filmed & Produced By Eric Lawrenuk

Bluegrass Enduro Tour International 2013 // Castelbuono

A wonderful Easter weekend was had by all at the first stage of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour International in Castelbuono, Sicily. The sun was splitting the stones, with a temperature of 22 °C up high at 1000m, with a breathtaking view over the Tyrrenian Sea making it an unforgettable end of March spring weekend of pure mountain biking for all participants. The Bluegrass Enduro Tour recipe is simple: a high-quality mtb location with great race organisation in a very biker friendly atmosphere. First and foremost the BETi events are mountain bike meet ups where all enduro fans have the opportunity to spend a few days riding first class trails. If you add a chilled-out atmosphere, good food, great wine and live music, then all objectives have been happily reached.

Tweedlove Stories 6 – Andy Barlow

Andy Barlow is the current King of the Hill at Glentress, having beaten a tough field at last year’s POC TweedLove enduro race. He’s also a bike coach and guide with Dirt School. Here’s a film of him showing us round his workplace at Glentress. Nice office, Andy! Edit by Calum Darling.

Captain Ahab Trail

A video of construction to riding of the new Captain Ahab mountain bike trail in Moab Utah. Enjoy!
Video and Editing by: Tyson Swasey.

Inca Avalanche 2013 – protected by Bell Helmets motion by Kenda Tires

Based in Ollantaytambo, Peru, just around the corner from Machu Picchu, starting at nearly 16,000 feet altitude, the Inca Avalanche protected by Bell Helmets, motion by Kenda Tires, holds the title as the second highest race in the world. Now in its 6th running, the Inca Avalanche is set to host over 13 nations during the two day event june 1st-2nd 2013.

The Inca Avalanche is a mass start enduro downhill mountain bike race, not broken into different stages but rather one continuous run. Each run descends about 5900 vert over 25 minutes or less depending on the riders level of shred. Racer will see the course 3 times over the weekend, one qualifying run on Saturday and a two run main on Sunday. Consistency will be a factor as Sunday features combined run scores to reach the podium.

“For us bikers from Bolivia, the Inca Avalanche is a mystical event” — Yannic Wende, 2012 Champion

TEASER / COMMENCAL INSIDERS #6: Nicolas Quéré and Rémy Absalon in New Caledonia

The winter time is ideal for our riders to go down under and train with a nice South Pacific sun. Thanks to our distributor in New Caledonia, IMPACT, Nico QUERE and Remy ABSALON had a chance to discover this island. Between coaching, giving advices on Enduro trail building and training, our two buddies show us their complicity and brilliantly illustrate that one rider is already good but two or more make it definitively better. A hymn to friendship axed around biking.

The Missing Link

During the early part of 2013, Ground Effect took on a project to extend to the Drac’ Flat Track (try saying that fast after a couple of cold ones) at Craigieburn Forest Park. The Craigieburn trails lie just an hour and a half (by car) west of Christchurch in the foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand. A blend of high country and beech forest singletrack, it is outrageously good mountain biking in a stunning location.

Over a weekend in March, a burly bunch of Ground Effect staff and customers gathered for the weekend. Forty of us crafted over 2km of fresh singletrack, sweated buckets, replenished with beer, spent a balmy Saturday night at Forest Lodge, ate too much lasagne, squeezed in some riding and had a generally exhausting time. The Craigieburn Trail network is pretty flash now with over 30km of continuous singletrack between Broken River Ski Field and Castle Hill Village.

Thule – Bring your life: Bike

Active lifestyle, that’s what we’re about. Thule’s bike racks are designed for you to get your bike wherever you’re going – safely, easily and in style.

Vienna Air King Highlights 2013

The worlds best were returning to Vienna: From April 5th — 7th Austria’s biggest Bike Festival, the ARGUS BIKE FESTIVAL, hosted directly at the Rathausplatz made Vienna’s city center, the hub of top class biking action. Film by Martin Wallmen.

Hans ‘No Way’ Rey, Mountain Bike LEGEND Takes on Dan Milner’s 10×10

In our second helping of Dan he talks to
Hans Rey who began riding in the late ’70s and is widely known as a pioneer in mountain bike trials and extreme mountain biking. In this interview he talks about trying to change the term bunny hop, how his Grandmother is pulling mad tricks thanks to today’s mountain bikes, and the only undergarment that was ever thrown at him.


Red Hook Crit

Red Hook Criterium, Brooklyn 03.30.2012. Filmed by Alassandro Dordoni

Bare As You Dare :: Trailer

Warning: Contains man ass and other nudity. A NW Documentary production. The 17 minute piece will debut at the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike

Bike + Rope Jumping = Crazy Drop

Watch Russians jump on a bike from the roof of abandoned 16-storey building, height 50 meters ( 165ft ).

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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