Tuesday Treats 33: The Bicycle Company

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This week, we introduce The Bicycle Company:

Two words... 'sweet and ride'. Caddy Sport 1.8 GTI


Martyn picks up the story. ‘We came into being in July 2011. I’d been in the bike industry for over 15 years, most recently with Jungle Distribution (Santa Cruz UK). After 5 years with them (and on the road), I decided to try something new and this resulted in…

Ta da! ‘The Bicycle Company’. We’re based in Poole, Dorset and have kept the concept simple – We specialise in high quality servicing and sound, impartial advice. Being a small business, there isn’t much room, so the shop is usually covered by me in various guises or when I’m not around, Steve. We always make room for Noosa, the obligatory shop dog who is also the guardian of my box of tricks. Careful now, she’s vicious!’

Noosa guards Martyn's World Cup box of tricks

What makes you different to other bike shops as we know them?

Well, we don’t actually sell bikes, working mostly as a service centre which means we’re able offer a quick turn around on all types of service or repair, and the customer is normally reunited with their bike the same day. This is something a lot of customers still can’t get their heads around as they are used to leaving them for a week or more with shops that can be more focused on sales.

Mr Bryceland pops in to polish up his Scalextric skills

I have a history of working alongside the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team, Sram/Rockshox, Cannondale and this year mechanicing for Madison Saracen Race Team who are running Fox suspension. Putting the big names aside, we’ll work on any bike and I’d like to think this adds confidence to the customer that their bike is in the right hands.

The range of services we do are varied from in-house suspension servicing to save you the time, hassle and the expense of sending it away, right down to good ol’ puncture repair to save you getting your hands dirty.

What kind of riding do you have in your neck of the woods?

We have some great natural trails across on the Purbeck Hills that take in some fantastic views along the way. From the millionaires’ playground Sandbanks (the fourth most expensive place to live in the world), we jump on a short chain-ferry ride across the water and after a five-minute pedal down the road on the other side where the trails begin. It’s great, you can nip over for a quick evening ride or on a summer’s day you can make a full day of it covering plenty of ground. If you have only ridden trail centres then come on down and experience something new, but remember… don’t forget your camera!

What was the last custom build you did?

One custom build and one custom set of decals

I recently built up a real nice Nukeproof Mega with all the good stuff, Fox 36s, Renthal, SRAM X9 and Hope custom wheels, built by yours truly. The customer wanted a bike that he could ride on our local trails but also something that would take a good beating in the Alps too. For our custom builds, I normally sit down with the customer, look at their wish list, budget, find out what they want to do with the bike and come up with some options over a coffee.

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no-one knows…

1. Martyn has more bikes in his personal collection than his girlfriend knows about (10 at the last count) shhhhhhhh!

2. The shop has a huge Scalextric track on the 2nd floor.

3. While working for the Santa Cruz Syndicate in Mount St. Anne, Martyn slipped using a drill with a 8.5 bit and bored a hole in his hand. It needed stiches and $500 in medical bills!

Is there a regular shop ride or forthcoming event you think our readers should know about?

We have some new ‘Taster Guided Rides’ in the diary, aimed at anyone who has just started riding or just fancies getting out with a group. All rides are lead by a fully qualified Technical Trail Leader so you’re in safe hands. We are also just about to release new dates for guided rides for the coming year, being beginner/intermediate/advanced, Ladies only and Group weekends. Generally we can make these fit your needs. We also offer mechanic classes, skills sessions and often show live race events upstairs with a cold beer.

You can see all our latest happenings in the usual ways, find us on Facebook and from the news pages on our site. You will also be able to follow me on my World Cup travels this season via Twitter which will be live very soon.

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Tuesday Treats Prize Draw

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  1. They’re got the coolest ‘shop vehicle’ i’ve seen

    Good work guys!

  2. Big thumbs up for Martyn and The Bicycle Co. Honest, knowledgable, reliable and well priced.

  3. Cheers chipsngravy, appreciate your comment. boltonjon, glad you like the caddy, shes not looking to bad to say shes over 20years old now and has just clocked 206k!

  4. Taste abound with the Caddy…Where and what is the bodykit? Well tidy motor.

  5. Hey Trail Junkie, it’s a Caddy Sport and came out of the factory like that. I believe they only made 300 of them.

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