Petervary Wins 350-Mile Iditarod Trail Invitational

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350 Alaskan winter miles in two days, 19 hours and 16 minutes? No wonder Salsa are pleased with Jay Petervary’s win.

Six-Time Race Veteran Sets Course Record On Salsa Beargrease.

He's happy now

Salsa-sponsored rider Jay Petervary took the top spot on the podium at the 2013 Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) race in Alaska, setting a course record in the process.

Petervary finished the 350-mile self-supported race in two days, 19 hours, and 16 minutes, taking 10 hours off the previous record.

Like Sussex but deeper

“The race definitely came down to sleep deprivation, which is something I’m both very familiar and comfortable with,” said Petervary. “I have dealt with the sleep monster so much and actually enjoy seeing where it will take me. Of course, there is always the safety balance to contend with as well.”

Petervary rode a Beargrease in the event, Salsa’s fatbike racing model. “The Beargrease was simply amazing,” said Petervary. “It’s very stable and doesn’t need constant steering correction. I love that about the bike. It feels like my summer race bikes.”

A six-time veteran of the ITI, Petervary raced with the lightest load he ever carried in the event. “The bike was 46 pounds loaded, including a Thermos of water and my edible calories,” he said.

The crew at Salsa was thrilled with Petervary’s success. “Jay is a special breed of athlete that is capable of pushing himself farther than most of us can ever dream of,” said Mike Riemer, marketing manager at Salsa. “He works very hard for these moments, so it was very fulfilling for us not just to see him win, but to see him win on the Beargrease.”

Petervary’s victory marks the second big win for the Beargrease. Earlier this year, Todd McFadden of Duluth, Minnesota won the Arrowhead 135 on a Beargrease.

“Jay’s win at the ITI 350 is confirmation that we’ve done our homework and brought a exceptionally capable bike to the market. This is the first year for the Beargrease and it is out there helping folks win races. That’s something we feel good about,” said Riemer.

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