Fresh Goods Friday 134

by Dave Anderson 15

Here we go; a serving of nice Fresh Goods served up before the weekend comes.

Genesis Croix de Fer

Commutey goodness

Web boy Patrick has a new Bike to Work commuter machine; the Genesis Croix de Fer. Disked up, drop barred  and with a Reynolds 725 frame it’s a true all rounder.

Price: £1149.99

From: Genesis

 Unior Toolkit

Tooled up

In his quest for bike maintenance post apocalyptic self sufficiency Sim’s taken delivery of this Unior Tools home toolkit. There isn’t a job he can’t manage form the comfort of his own home now. We’re all sending our bikes his way to give it a good testing.

Price: TBC

From: Unior Tools


Has the whole world gone 1x11 crazy?

We’ve had two sets of Sram’s XX1 groupset drop in the office this week and we’ve all been busy avoiding any Spinal Tap quotes. Single ring with massive range cassette is it the future?

Price: If you have to ask


Rockshox SID RCT3


100mm of solo air 29’er travel are offered by these SID RCT3 forks. 32mm stanchions, motion control, a claimed weight of 1322g and the new RCT3  damper with Open, Threshold and Lock adjustments. Chipps is going to be getting his XC on with this pair.

Price: £679.99

From: SRAM

 Lifeproof Phone Protection

Life and water proof

Waterproof, shock proof and probably bomb proof too, Lifeproof boast IP-68 protection and design to military standards. Case – €82.89, Bike Mount – €53.99

From: Lifeproof

Motorex Maintenance Products

Everyone loves a good lube

A care pack from Raleigh has arrived full of Motorex lubes and cleaning product. Guess that means we’re going to have to clean and love our bikes more.

All clean fun

Are they hinting at our bike cleanliness?

More clean fun

100ml Dry or Wet Lube: £6.99, Bike Grease 2000: £9.99, Carbon Grease: £14.99, White Grease: £9.99, Wet Lube Aerosol: £11.99, Easy Clean 250ml £6.99, Bike Clean 500ml: £7.99, Power Clean: £9.99, Power Brake Cleaner: £11.99, Bike Shine: £11.99, Protex Waterproof Spray: £12.99

From: Raleigh

Singletrack Issue 80

It's here!

Fresh from the printers it’s issue 80 of Singletrack. You can get it on the newstand but why not subscribe?

Price: £4.50

From: Singletrack Subscriptions


Gore Bikewear Goodies


The golden haired Ben from Gore dropped by the office with a lovely helping of Tic Tac flavoured bike wear that’s going to brighten up our photoshoots no end. First up are the Alp-X Shorts (£119.99) and Alp-X3 jersey (£89.99) guaranteed to keep you safe during hunting season.

Tac Tic

For a bit of opposite colour we’ve also got the Fusion Trail shorts (£79.99 ) and Countdown 2.0 Jersey (£64.99).

Tic lite

Probably the lightest jacket we’ve had in on test, the Alp-X Windstopper Active Shell Light (£139.99).

for that run over look

If you can’t cope with the orange and green how about the Path Tyre Jersey (£59.99)?

More TicTac

No? How about one more Tic Tac Fusion 2.0 jersey (£74.99) then?

From: Gore Bike Wear


That’s it for this week. Embrace the filth this weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for the Debrief…


Comments (15)

  1. Case – €82.89, Bike Mount – €53.99

    Really. Good luck with shifting them

  2. £119 for a pair of shorts!!

  3. you get what you pay for at the end of the day – probably last twice as long or hopefully longer! Our company has been looking for smartphone covers for yonks – most units we have tried are rubbish -IP68 and possibly Mil spec for a 300 – 400.00 phone its worth a look – plus the chance to spend 20 – 30.00 on a gps app instead of 200 – 400 on a dedicated unit!

  4. Yup – Gore Bikewear is proper overpriced! Maybe they’re cashing in on the fact you can’t buy Endura gear over the internet anymore!!

  5. Chris100 …. or buy Motorola Defys; IP 67 rated out of the box and around 200 quid each. not as shiny as an iphone but loads cheaper, less buky (no box needed) and does the business

    1350g for a SID is making me think that I *need* to shave those grammes on my weight weenie bike

    liking the CdF, my commuter has had drops, discs (and an alfine) for 4 years, catch up you lot! 😀

  6. Was tempted by an Alfine hub and was torn between the Croix de Fer and the Day One Alfine 8
    However, I would have ended up with lower spec on many of the components. Also thought the Croix de Fer was a better looking bike and a bit more Todmorden. That’s how shallow I am 🙂

  7. Bet Merlinman can’t wait to get his hands on all that cleaning Kit…. 🙂

  8. Those life proof cases are amazing, you could stack the bike, bike would be ruined an the phone woul be in one piece.

  9. Like Gore stuff at lot but are we heading for the hippy trippy psycho flouro days of the 80’s….

    Just waiting for the purple Ron Hills or Joker trousers…

  10. Mmmmmm. Tic Tacs…..

    I’m actually excited by the… non exciting stuff here- any price for the toolset yet? It looks lush!

  11. Same here Rossi!
    A quick google suggests the toolkit follows the rest of Fresh goods example. It’s the thick end of £600!

  12. A fork and a pair of shorts and your over £800 lighter!

  13. “It’s the thick end of £600!”

    Good lord!
    How can that be a ‘home toolkit’ then?

  14. in this company, XX1 actually looks rather good value — about £900 for full groupset (& xx1’s not mix ‘n’ match, it’s all or nothing) on wiggle. lot sexier than 9 pairs of shorts to match the furniture @ mcdonalds (imho…).

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