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Here are few bits and pieces from The Bike Place show that didn’t fit in anywhere else.

First off, how much do you love Danny MacAskill? If it’s ‘Lots!’ then how about this replica Skye bike from Inspired? It’s a proper ‘no excuses’ street-ready replica as ridden by the Red Bull bouncy street trials star. Retails for £2299 all-in (not including Danny’s personal anti-gravity generator…)


Sweet Protection UK was at the Bike Place show (in between ski shows), showing the 2013 range of helmets, pads and softwear.

Skate/street, trail bike (as reviewed this issue) and full face.

In order to prevent head-rotational injuries (where your helmet and head stop on the ground, but your brain continues to rotate inside your bonce, Sweet is helping pioneer a MIPS system where the inner surface of the helmet can slide a little with your head within the helmet, to stop your brain doing the same. It adds about £50 to the price.

The yellow bit is the MIPS bit that moves.


Redesigned 'pressure suit' and other knees and elbow pads.


Properly water repellent baggy shorts from Sweet that don't feel like plastic bags.


Looking like a time capsule from 1995, this machined and anodised box of aceness is from KCNC


'Crossers don't escape from the anodising


Full height toothed KCNC single ring for 1x10 setups


Run with a clutch mech and KCNC's 11-38 cassette


South African frame maker, Morewood, has a new UK distributor in Burgtec. It said: “We have always been big fans of Morewood bikes, they are suited well to the British climate. So naturally we are stoked to be pushing the brand in the UK.”  It had the first rushed shipment just in at the show for all to see. All of these are now in stock

Burgtec contact details 01782 51077 or visit for more information. Oh, and its new Zulu XC  100mm travel full suspension 650B platform will be released in April 2013.

This is the Morewood Izimu (freeride) RRP £2639 available in yellow with blue graphic and black with blue graphic. Available in frame-only at £1,499 and as complete bike.

Bright yellow and blue fast machine

This is the Morewood Sukuma all-mountain machine. £3199 for the full bike. 150mm travel, Split Pivot suspension design. available in black. Available in frame RRP £1,799 only and complete.

Sukuma, rhymes with satsuma

The ‘enduro’ end of the world is cared for by this Jabula. Complete bike: £3,999, 170mm travel, Split Pivot suspension design. available in white. Available in frame (£1,849) only and complete.

The enduro/big mountain whatever it's called these days bike: the Jabula


cSixx doubler. Super light carbon chain device, with Kevlar covering for the skid-plate


How about this for super-carbon? cSixx 1x chain device.


Neat enough? A clamp-around-the-BB ISCG mount for bikes missing them.



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