Monday Morning Debrief 12

by Chipps 4

With Dave and Matt still burning up, wheezing and coughing with tradeshow plague and Sim on the sidelines with a crash induced shoulder injury it was time to play something special from the reserves here at team ST. Instead we sent Chipps riding; here’s what he got up to.
Well, after snow and rain and general minging weather, to finally wake up on a sunny Saturday morning was a real treat, so we got the bikes out and decided on a good sized local loop. Up over the tops, popping in to see the sheep, then down into Hebden and up the other side again.


The weather was crispy, hovering around freezing and there were several opportunities to play ‘ice-breaker tugboat’ on some of the bigger puddles.

Dropping in to a shadowy valley

Despite this, though, the trails were generally in great nick, having had some of the slop frozen out of them (apart from when they hadn’t and the bog lurked underneath). Despite being out for a few hours, we only saw a handful of walkers and no other bikes. We did spot a few tracks (Minion/Weirwolf owners, I’m looking at you) but didn’t actually see the riders who’d made them.

Some mid-ride gnar

Amazingly (and wisely) we resisted the lure of a mid-ride cake, as it would have meant an end to the ride due to being full of cake, so we ignored the cafe and feasted on a hill-top pasty and a handful of Haribo. And all home to cups of tea and a happy dog and in time to watch the cyclocross World Championships on Youtube.

And home for tea and cyclocross

How did you all get on? Where did you ride?

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  1. Went to Dalby on Saturday and followed snow plough into car park!!!. About 2″ of fresh snow on Friday night. Great ride

  2. Tune in to next weeks installment where Sandra the cleaner and Mr Patel the landlord report on riding the local trails, whilst speculating on the cause of ‘the curse of the monday debrief’.

    PS. Wish I owned a Weirwolf!

  3. Chipps when this happens, “Minion/Weirwolf owners, I’m looking at you” I’m told I need to do less bikey things for a while. Round here it’s High Rollers.

    Mines the anorak with the tyre brochures, thanks.

  4. I do enjoy a good tyre-spot on the daily canal walk with Clover.

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