New Year, New Free Gift with a Sub

by Mark Alker 27

Please not, this is an out of date news article. For the current free gift click here

Subscribe to Singletrack and we will throw in a free Charge Spoon saddle!

All new subscribers now get a new saddle to add to their bike courtesy of the awesome guys at Charge Bikes. Here’s what Charge have to say about the Spoon.

“The Spoon saddle is our multi award winning saddle of choice for XC, Enduro and Road riders. It is typified by its light weight (258g), supportive shape and pressure relief channel.”

Subs start at just £24.99 for our digital package that includes full access to our Mag archive plus access to reviews and other Premier only website content. You get to download all our issues (dating back to 2001) and they can be read on virtually any device from Smartphone to Kindle as well as your desktop.

Or go for the Print & Digital option that includes all our Digital features plus we send you the next 8 issues of the printed version of the mag post free.

All new subscribers are issued with our Singletrack Premier Members Card that gives access to discounts and deals in a growing number of bike shops and businesses around the UK. Click here for our current list of Premier dealers and their current offers.

Subscribing is quick, secure and you get instant access to all digital benefits.

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Click here to find out our terms and conditions on free gifts

What’s in it for us? Why do we offer free gifts?

Comments (27)

  1. Damn, why did I subscribe yesterday? My spoon is full of holes too!

  2. sazter – you’re most likely going to get a brown saddle. Depends where you are in the dispatch queue.

  3. Woo! *Stops looking at saddles*. In Scotland they all look brown after one ride anyway! Mud…. I’m on about the MUD!

  4. Does this apply to subscribers who renew? If not, my sub might lapse.

  5. Have a read of the terms and conditions and then my blog on subs deals up there at the end of the story.

  6. Any news on how quickly they’ll be dispatched? My arse isn’t looking forward to this weekends’ ride on the current WTB saddle.

  7. Hi bikemonkey, not before the weekend I’m afraid but I expect next week.

  8. Bit annoyed, I subscribed print and digital just before xmas and got a t shirt and calendar in the package. Really could do with a new saddle though!

  9. You could have a monthly draw for a random ‘loyal’ subscriber to receive a mug/saddle/t shirt or even to borrow a test bike 😉

  10. Better than that we have Tuesday treats every week! A loyal subscriber wins way better prizes than that every week 🙂

  11. “Click here for our current list of Premier dealers and their current offers”

    missed some linky action there i think.

    Editor: Good point – fixed now

  12. Why do any posts critcising your freebie policy keep getting removed?

  13. We’ve not censored you. I can see your comment from our side just not sure why its not visible this side. We are looking into it. Feel free to repost your comments. I’d like to answer it 🙂

  14. I subscribed last week, no mention of a free gift then? WIll I be getting one? (I’m cool with brown by the way…..)

  15. Pffft, not happy as a current subscriber……….

  16. As a new subscriber who finally subscribed for the first time ever, and hasn’t had the first copy yet, where does that put me? I love brown, me 🙂

  17. Scapegoat – Sorry, you subscribed just before this offer kicked in. However, you will get a t-shirt.

    Thrustyjust – Did you get your sub as a one-off gift from someone else? When you subscribed we only gave out free gifts for recurring subs. However, if you sign up for a recurring sub when your gift expires, as someone who has not received a free gift before, you will get the gift offered at that time.

  18. Thanks Patrick, yes my sister started my subscription in August ( no freebee then). A freebee is always nice. Especially as I was looking at a Charge saddle for my singlespeed. Knowing my luck I’ll get something as a freebee that will hang in the garage unused . I will reconsider my subscription when I see what the freebee is then !

  19. Mark, for a subscriber, its galling to see the subscriber offers once in a while when you make them particularly tempting. Even though I’m logged in as Premier it’s still there mocking me. Be a bit less frustrating if those sub offers disappeared along with the ads once logged don’t you think?
    Your comments about why you do subs offers are well argued in the blog, but all the same. No one wants their nose rubbed in it. I’d have quite liked a brown spoon! I’ll get over it though.
    Bah, humbug.

  20. mudfish – we really sympathise with your position to the extent that we have considered hiding these stories from subscribers. However, we always strive to be an open and honest company and feel such a move would leave us open to the counter (and more serious) accusation of being underhand.
    Ultimately, we hope our subscriptions are worthwhile in themselves and the gift is just a sweetener. However, we do recognise we have had some really good free gifts recently. Perhaps we just need less exciting free gifts 😉

  21. I got very excited and subscribed to your splendid magazine through the features link. Any news on my saddle? 😉 I did the full Monty… on line and hard copy, so no chance of missing anything. I’m presuming the snow has delayed Mr Postie. 🙁

  22. Nudge! B-) …. When do I get something to read as well… is next issue… march say? B-)

  23. Hi Timax, was off for a few days. Yes you will be getting a saddle and your first issue will be 79 due around 31st Jan.

  24. Glorious!!!! Thank you! happy man here! …. I have been going through the back issues for the mo! Great work fellas B-)

  25. hi

    i got my first issue today but no saddle arrived with it, are they posted out separate and when should i receive the saddle?


  26. Hi,

    Was wondering the same as swan0mighty!

    A rough estimate would be fine – can tell ‘her indoors’ to keep a look out for it….don’t fancy a trip down to the local post office collections office (hell on earth)


  27. got mine a couple of days ago and in black


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