Even Le Tour knows that Singletrackland rocks, right?

by Dave Anderson 4

Despite getting a little silly over the Le Tour Yorkshire 2014 news today, we ‘d just like to say we’re rather proud that a race as big as the Tour de France is coming to and passing through Calderdale, home of the best mountain bike magazine™. So close in fact it’ll pass Dave’s, Sim’s and Matt’s houses, we’ve made them promise to wave at the cameras.

Cragg Vale courtesy of Le Tour Yorkshire

From the sounds of it the route is very similar to the Leeds International Classic race route, which has seen Lance Armstrong competing though just as a domestique back in 1996.

Here’s footage from 1992

and here’s Up the Buttress

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  1. And just to complete the circle, I grew up in Wincanton 🙂

  2. They’re not seriously going to send the peloton up that??? Seriously? (I’m doing that taking a joke seriously thing, right?)

  3. Send them down the buttress!

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