Core Bike: Chunky Maxxis Tyres

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Let’s start with the controversial one – this was in a ‘sample’ box that One Industries Andy was sent. What do we reckon?

Skin-wall tyres. For life? Or was it just for 2012?


How about from a distance?


So… skin-wall then? (Lights blue touchpaper and retires to hide behind the sofa…)

And now, how about  a Minion DH tyre, in a 29 x 2.5in. It’s HUGE!

Chunky rubber. Out in about April


Soft and chunky - ready for these big 29ers coming out.

The High Roller 2 has also been larger-ised. 29 x 2.3in. Again, should be appearing around April time.

Tubeless-ready version too!


Back in 26in-land, there's the new Ardent Race - with stiffer shoulder knobs ready for racing.

And the middle-way wheel riders aren’t left out. There are going to be 27.5in tyres coming out in Ardent, Crossmark, and High Roller 2 x 2.4in for starters.

Now in the medium-way.


Ardent/Crossmark combo. One of our favourites...



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