Monday Morning Debrief No.5

by Dave Anderson 3

What a difference a week makes, the snow is long gone and we’re back to the grey and grime. With my usual riding buddy away in the Lakes I decided to ride from the door and spend some time playing with the GoPro Hero3 to work out how best to use it for filming for future plans.

First things first though. If it was going to be wet and cold the best thing to think about while out riding would be a glowing stove at home waiting to thaw me out.

Warmth from the woodburner

We’re lucky to live to live in a village where we can head off in pretty much any direction and be straight onto pretty decent trails. So it wasn’t hard to choose a route that made the most of the current conditions whilst still giving me a chance to explore a couple of new trail sections I’d noticed last time I’d been out. First though, the inevitable gaining of height.

Climbing out of the valley

I’d spotted this new climb a while back but because it involved a bit of road I hadn’t bothered with it. With time to spare and only myself to disappoint if it didn’t work out it seemed the perfect opportunity to try it. Short and steep to start with then easing off towards the top; a perfect little climb. I just need to find something below it to connect it into the wider trail network.

Shoeshine: singletrack at its best

From the top it was off to Black Moor for the obligatory blast of my local favourite bit of singletrack; the suitably named Shoeshine. Tight, twisty and best ridden at full speed with a drop into a little bowl before spitting you out on the main track across the moor. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

Dropping homeward

From there it was easy to head out to Bingley and over to Ogden. Two long days spent in the saddle, with interval-like  sessions as I set up the GoPro, rode, rode back for the GoPro, rode that section again with the chest mount, set up the GoPro, etc. Two rides where I’ve learnt a fair bit about filming angles, best setups, how to piece a story together and just how tiring it can get repeatedly riding a section of singletrack full on and back again to retrieve the camera.

At some point on the second day I braked to hear the familiar grind of metal on metal, I’d worn right through the back disc pads. Time to abandon the plans to ride into the night and head home. A return loop of riding and avoiding the left brake lever; front braking only.

Chasing the last of the light

One last drop into the village, braking on the front only and it’s back home for the first of the Christmas port in front of the fire.

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