New Enduro World Series announced for 2013

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First, it seemed that the UCI was going to organise a World Cup-style series for the ‘new’ discipline of enduro, but that all fell through. The individual organisers, meanwhile, (along with Chris Ball, once the UCI’s gravity correspondent who’s now left to do this) have got together to organise their own series anyway. The board of the Enduro Mountain Bike Association is a who’s-who of enduro-race organisers and racers seem to be pretty excited about the news.


Here’s the official word:
The Enduro World Series will take place in 2013, thanks to the efforts of Chris Ball, formerly of the UCI, and the unified event organizing powers of the Enduro Series (Coupe de France), SuperEnduro and Crankworx. As a seven-stop tour taking place over the course of the entire 2013 mountain bike season, including the Enduro des Nations, the Enduro World Series aims to build a lasting event series for riders, teams and the mountain bike industry.

“I’ve heard the demand for this type of series for quite some time. Along with SuperEnduro, the Enduro Series and Crankworx, we want to develop the sport of Enduro mountain bike racing so it can grow as a sustainable worldwide discipline,” says Chris Ball, managing director of the Enduro World Series. “The execution of this tour for 2013 has been of the utmost importance to the organizing teams at Crankworx, the Enduro Series and SuperEnduro. We aim for its existence under our collective umbrella to cater to the needs of athletes, the mountain biking public and the bike industry.”

While the racing calendar for 2013 will be released on Tuesday, December 4, the Enduro World Series will be the official global race series of the newly formed Enduro Mountain Bike Association. Made up of a board of directors including Chris Ball, Fred Glo of the Enduro Series, Enrico Guala of the SuperEnduro Series and Darren Kinnaird of Crankworx Events Inc., the Enduro Mountain Bike Association will look to support from the riders, teams and industry.

More information regarding supporter and membership packages will be released soon, including the launch of the Enduro Mountain Bike Association website.

About the Enduro World Series
The Enduro World Series was created in October 2012 with the aim of uniting the world’s mountain bike enduro racing community. The Enduro World Series links the largest mountain bike enduro events in the world with the best trails possible and exists to deliver the best racing, most relaxed atmosphere and rider-focused organization possible. The team behind the Enduro World Series has one goal – to globally develop and progress the discipline of enduro for the riders, the sport and the industry. With the shared experience of Italian Super Enduro, French Enduro Series, Crankworx and World Cup racing, the Enduro World Series will offer international competitions unlike any before it.

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  1. Awesome. Good luck to chris ball, he comes across as a very nice chap.

  2. Woohoo any talk of this being broadcast?

  3. Would love to see downhill do the same but the cost would be far higher. Everyone slates the UCI but they must spend loads to broadcast DH

  4. Fantastic, this will be great, it will be interesting to see how they go about covering / broadcasting this. THE future hopefully.

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