Fresh Goods Friday 120

by Dave Anderson 16

Can you hear that? If we strain our ears hard enough, we can just about make out the sound of the weekend coming around the bend. Which means it must be time for this week’s look at what’s dropped through the door at Singletrack Towers this week – it’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Intense Hard Eddie 29

Not very metal

First up we’ve got the Intense Hard Eddie 29 in naked carbon, a bike that screams out ‘race me until you blow’. We reckon Fast Eddie is a name that would also be suitable, though with the amount of carbon componentry on display this bike isn’t very metal (oof).

That'll be nice and stiff then

The frame weighs in at a svelte 2lb 7oz (or 1100g) with a decent amount of material around the bottom bracket to ensure a nice stiff pedalling platform for its cross-country/race focus. The frame features a tapered headtube, PressFit 30 bottom bracket, integrated headset, internal cable routing and a choice of 135mm quick release, 142mm x 12mm quick release or singlespeed replaceable dropouts.

Solid backend

Price: £1,649.00 frame only.

From: Extra

Galibier Pro One Ventoux socks

Like panda feet for roadies

The Pro One Ventoux socks feature Air Mesh uppers to help breathability and Coolmax lowers with a double reinforced heel and toe. The socks also feature antibacterial fibres to keep your feet box fresh that little bit longer.

Price: £9.87

From: Galibier

Helps Stop Snoring

A small bottle with a big promise.

Noisy tent partner on that mountain marathon where every minute of sleep really counts?

Helps Stop Snoring uses a unique blend of natural essential oils to reduce or eliminate snoring in four out of five users, apparently. We’re giving it the ultimate test by getting ad man Matt to give it a go…

Price: £7.14


Muc-Off  winter care package

Cleans everything, except filthy thoughts.

With it currently only being dry in our dreams (ahem) we were glad to receive a bumper package of cleaning products from the ever lovely Muc-Off collective. Our package contained every item needed to counter all our excuses for just coming back off a ride and leaving the bike until next time.

Microfibre polishing cloth – £6.00, C3 Ceramic Lube – £12.00, Dirty Work Wipes – £3.00, Dry Shower – £7.00,  Drivetrain Cleaner – £12.00, Bike Care Pack – £14.00

Somewhere out there Merlinman is rubbing his thighs.

There’s even a pack of brushes for extra cleaning muscle. No excuses now, Mister Chipps!  Three Brush Set – £17.00

From: Muc-Off

Hiplok Flip Stand

It's a flipping stand

The Flip Stand is a combination of high density EVA foam C-clips and saddle mat to allow you to work on your bike upside down without damaging it. Nice and simple.

Price: £12.99

From: Hiplok


A different kind of washbag

The Scrubba is like a dry bag but intended to keep the water in so that you can wash clothes on the move. It’s got a knobbly inner panel and a valve for letting the water out once you’ve done the scrubbing bit and are ready to rinse – a lightweight washing machine for the touring generation.

Price: $59.95 (UK Price TBC)

From: Scrubba

Bell Segment helmet

A very blue helmet

The Bell Segment is a skate-style helmet for BMX and mountain bike use. We’re loving the bright blue sample we’ve been sent. To the skate park! And then on to A&E!

Price: £44.99

From: Madison

Bell Full-9 helmet

Jenn's feeling peaky

The Full-9 has been designed from the ground up with input from Aaron Gwin. Design features like integrated camera mounts, Bell’s Overbrow ventilation system (ten vents and three brow ports) and a carbon shell make for a pretty sorted full face helmet.

Full Face, Full-9, Full On

The Full-9 also comes with the integrated Eject Helmet Removal System to aid in emergency situations without risking neck or spinal injury to the rider and the cheek pads are held in with magnets to help ease removal.

Price: £349

From: Madison

Fox Striker

Grace strikes back

The Striker is Fox’s premium trail riding and cross-country helmet. Light, well vented and comes in stealth black for an extra couple of miles per hour.

Price: £90

From: Fox Europe

That’s all folks. To the weekend! And don’t spare the horses.



Comments (16)

  1. That Intense looks lovely…is it really singlespeedable though?

  2. $59.95 for an inside-out drybag!

  3. A bit thin on the ground this week!

  4. I only got as far as the intense before i had to excuse myself………….

  5. Not sure if it’s the curved tubes or what, but the Hard Eddie looks wierd. Really laid back and not at all racey to me. Maybe with the saddle up a bit, eh?

  6. Never mind the stuff look at Grace’ colouring in !!!

    …about time she moved off the green to another colour though, who’s the Director of colouring in ?

  7. …is it really singlespeedable though?

    Yes, there are bolt-in horizontal dropouts available.

  8. I have one of them Hard Eddie’s, yes they look a bit better with the saddle up….but the curved top tube does mean you have to lie the bike on its side to get on it or risk dislocating your hip. Horse mounting steps help too.
    Fastest, most confident descending bike I have ever had though, its well named. Have become uncharacteristically bolshy with other riders that get in the way now. Be interested to see the Singletrack review.

  9. Jenn needs more Puffa Jackets.

  10. £349?! For a helmet?! I guess it will prevent crashes since you can’t afford to ride with it!

  11. Jenn wouldn’t *need* so many puffa jackets if she shut that bloomin’ door. Born in a barn?

  12. Nah, born in Dorset, strong in arm, thick in (opps, maybe that’s just us Dorset boys)

  13. The Intense reminds me of a dog straining to sh*t… or maybe someone throwing up in a toilet. not my cup of tea

  14. That intense looks gorgeous.

  15. £1650 for a non boingy frame!! Rediculous!!

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