New Chris Akrigg video: Through The Mill

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It’s a new Chris Akrigg video. There’s not much more we need to say, is there?


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    Looks like he’s fully recovered now then! Absolutely superb. His best yet I reckon, so smooth and stylish.

    Well, that hideous accident hasn’t shrunk the size of his bollocks has it?

    What polytrauma?

    Utter Legend.

    Sharp intake of breath at 5.02….

    Bet that warehouse has fallen down now after the beating it took!

    amazing as always big respect

    best thing to come out of Keeffly

    Kevlar Tyres and Steel Balls. Love it.

    Those skills are a gift, stunning!

    11 out of 10 – so good!

    The guy’s riding style is amazing. Awesome.

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