Shimano Singletrack Weekender Results 2012

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It’s taken some wrangling but finally, here are the official results from the Shimano Classic Weekender 2012.

The results are searchable by rider number and you can currently sort them by columns by clicking the column title. Tom is currently working on adding individual rider details so don’t worry, shortly we’ll have everything available including your individual DH & XC times plus trials penalties.

If you are not a Premier User but you were at the event then email your full name and rider number to and she will send you back a voucher code that you can use to view the results and also try all our Premier Perks including full access to our Mag Archive and all our other published Premier Stories. You can redeem this by going to and following the instructions.


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    man, there was some fast old people there… 20th overall but 8th vet! poor show from the youth maybe? :o)

    er… is there not a couple of errors on there? stu rider was 2nd vet, Craig Scott was 3rd vet… overall results are t’other way round there… and (minor point for a minor placing) i was bloody sure I passed Iain (144) on the final lap as we spoke about it after the xc… just saying, as there looks to be a couple of odd results there (sorry!)

    Thanks for pointing that out. It’s now been fixed. I’ll also add some more stuff later.

    If you spot any errors then let me know and I’ll look to sort them out if I can. We have two sets of results to cross reference – the electronically recorded set (Tap Timing App) and the manual set.


    cheers chaps, i know how much wrangling this has taken with everything else going on, so cheers for making it as in depth as it is…

    Spotted some errors on our part in the data. Tom is uploading revision 1 🙂

    ooh goody, do i need to dust off my podium cap??


    er.. no.. not this time… Maybe next year tho eh? 🙂

    Can we not get our lap times ?

    Tom is working on that now.

    Any photos going to be put up?

    Any results for the all important “Industry” category?

    Did someone say the results are going on rootsandrain or have I imagined that?

    Individual results now available by clicking on your name in the list 🙂

    good shit that, mark, cheers.

    interesting comparing the xc times.

    looks like there remain a couple errors on nick craigs lap times… i mean 16mins 10 seconds?? i think not


    I have added the ability to do some other comparisons within categories, if you click on the category name. All the main results are now up (finally) but I’ll still add some more while I have the files to hand..

    I am aware of one small error for one rider who started the XC 2 minutes earlier than he should have due to a data entry error on Saturday night, this would possibly mean a slight fall from 125th position, and with apologies to those who finished somewhere near last or not at all, the precise finish order at this end of the field and among the DNFs is a little fuzzy. You are all winners as far as we’re concerned 🙂

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