Sea Otter 2012: Calfee Carbon Craziness

by Chipps 4

Calfee ( was early to the carbon fibre game, but has always done things rather differently to the regular smooth, shiny frames of everyone else. Calfee uses a lot of carbon fibre strands to achieve these organic shapes. It’s also not afraid to do odd or left-field stuff like chopping up and integrating a Shimano Di2 system into a mountain bike tandem…

Well, why not? Oh, and it's a 29er too.


The 'love it or hate it' look


Super thin carbon seatstays


Digital shifting, carefully bodged/converted to work on a mountain bike


Magura MT-8 brake there, another woven carbon fibre product then.


Shimano DuraAce Di2 mech converted with a bigger cage to run over a mountain bike block.


One piece bar and stem. In carbon, natch.


2x10 chainring setup, plus a timing chain

How about this one? It was made by/for one of Calfee’s employees. It’s a two person tandem that’s steered from the rear seat. The owner’s son rides up front while his dad steers. There are S&S couplings too so that he can one day add a central section with another seat for his daughter.  Bonkers!


For tiny control freaks everywhere. Yes, you can sit up front...


Sideways Di2 levers


Calfee also make stuff in bamboo


High tech and organic together


More 'love it or hate it' looks


No one can hate a coloured clear coat over carbon though!



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  1. Just when I thought I was happy with my lot. They’ve got to be the best looking bikes I’ve ever seen.

  2. Damn you devlish carbon types.

    Love that clear coat stuff.

  3. Yeah, that carbon-tortoise shell is awesome… Make it whitish and it’ll look like Mother of Pearl… MOTHER OF CARBON!

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