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Time to fritter away a lunchtime – and by that we mean spent it looking at some riding videos and day dreaming rather than cooking up a batch of these delicious little fellas, although that would be a good use of time too. We digress…

Filmmaker Nick Stevenson of Cadre Productions has got in touch to tell us about the launch of his documentary, Trail Notes. It’s collection of stories capturing the lifestyles of passionate mountainbikers from the Southern Hemisphere Mecca of Rotorua New Zealand and the infamous trails of the Whakarewarewa forest. The film follows four unique individuals and showcases their stories of how mountainbiking captivated their lives and what has drawn them to the sport and forest.

The film is currently doing rather well on the iTunes documentary movies chart across the world – you can check the full film out here...

Richard from X-Trail Films fired over this rather nice edit from the sunny fourth and final round of the RRP Midlands XC Series, held on the sweet looking singletrack of Hanchurch Woods. You can almost smell the lactic acid…

Mancunadian snapper Dan Barham has been continuing to produce some lovely video, we assume by pressing the shutter button on his camera really really fast to get the requisite frames per second. This is the first of a series of short films exploring the ‘whys’ of the bike industry. Dan Gronross has lived in British Columbia for eight years, and for the longest time rode mountain bikes exclusively, much of it in Whistler’s Bike Park, until a bad accident changed his outlook on the sport. Here’s WHY he rides road bikes now.

Katy Winton is an upcoming XC racing star from the Scottish Borders. In the third part of the stories from the Tweedlove bike festival, titled ‘Girls Can Do It Too’,  Katy shows that she can hustle an XC bike down any kind of trail with the best of them…

Fort William saw the second round of the Halo BDS downhill series at the weekend. Despite high winds cancelling the race runs on Sunday, Danny Hart took victory thanks to the fastest run in seeding on Saturday. Here’s a banger of an edit from the artists formerly known as Southern Downhill – Ride.io….

Dirt jumper Sam Reynolds was at the Fort William round too, trying out downhill racing for the first time. Poor lamb, it was just like the first day at big school – the other kids just weren’t nice to him at all. Quality little vid from the lens of Tom Grundy, it made us laugh – a lot.

Summer is here, according to this little short by Paul Manson. Looking outside, we’d agree…

Here is the second video from the Madison Saracen team’s adventures in the 2012 season, taking in the first round of the British Downhill Series in Combe Sydenham, the Sea Otter Classic, as well as the UK Gravity Enduro Series Round 2 up in North Wales, shot by Jacob Gibbins.

If you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here, then drop us a line at newsdesk@singletrackworld.com – and as ever, big thanks to everyone that suggested videos this week.

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  1. Who’s Dan Gronross trying to kid? Comparing road biking to the time spent in the air when mtb’ing! WTF! If that’s what he needs to tell himself after his accident, fair enough, but he’s not convincing me.

  2. Me neither BUT I really like Dan Barhams’ work and hope to see more like this.

  3. Not sure why the two have to be mutually exclusive. Why not do both! I have to agree with d45yth though – road riding is nothing like being in the air on an MTB!!! Totally different Buzz…

  4. In case anyone wants a link to Trail Notes on the UK iTunes Store rather than NZ, it’s here;


  5. Here’s another Dan Barham vid and it’s not about road biking…Vimeo link. (Bikepacking).

  6. It would be great to see live coverage of the BDS. It produces some fantastic race-runs from some brilliant riders

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