Sea Otter 2012: Yeti’s carbon 303

by Chipps 2

Yeti makes no bones about its love for carbon. It was one of the first companies to use carbon tubes in its bikes and has been using carbon bits an pieces on and off for years. More recent bikes like the ASR-C and the SB-66C have helped Yeti convert many riders over to the black magic. But how about this for a full-on carbon DH bike?

Here’s the carbon Yeti 303… Team-only for the moment, but we reckon there must be a few customers out there, eh?


It's still a Yeti rail design, like the regular 303. Only more rock and roll





Lots of different carbon construction bits involved for strength. The smooth looks are a welcome benefit though


Shall we all take up downhilling?





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  1. That has deffinately been made in the same factory Santa Cruz use! Downtube and top linkage mount looks like its from a Blur LTc.

  2. mmmmm.
    mmmm, that’s nice.

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