Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender ENTRIES NOW OPEN

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Yes, it’s back again – and biggerer and betterer than ever! Now in its fourth year the Classic Weekender is a firm favourite in the mountain bike calendar.

The winning format of the event will remain unchanged. Three different types of event rolled into one.

Lee Quarry, Lancashire, July 14-15, 2012

▪ 3 different races
▪ 1 bike
▪ The ultimate “all rounder” event

Hurray for Shimano!

Once again Shimano have stepped up to be the title sponsor of the event. We genuinely cannot thank them enough. In these times of austerity and council cutbacks, without Shimano’s help the Classic Weekender just simply would not be happening this year. So big up to the Big S!

Last year’s event was generally received as the best Weekender so far. Shimano’s generosity in the prize giving, not to mention their good humoured gusto during the weekend, played no small part in the event’s success.

Mark Greshon, Senior Shimano Brand Manager: “After a truly unforgettable weekend last year, how could Shimano not sponsor the Weekender again in 2012? The event has a real grassroots feel to it and a level of camaraderie that you wouldn’t get at any other bike ‘race’. Shimano will proudly be there in force again this year providing technical assistance to the needy, shelter to the soggy and prizes to winners.”

But above all, it’s the competitors that make the Weekender what it is. Thanks again to all you lot for entering and being such a good natured friendly and enthusiastic bunch. Hopefully you’ll be chomping at the bit to enter this year’s event – and will be bringing another couple of your riding buddies with you too. More people = more fun.

Last year (and pretty much every year before that come to think of it) the competitors – and the organisers and exhibitors – braved the random weather and were rewarded with sunshine and good times.

A weekend of Trials, Downhill and XC racing. One entry fee – all three events. All events to be completed on THE SAME BIKE.

The idea at the heart of the Weekender is a light hearted competition to find the best all round mountain biker and for riders to work out where they stand in a test of skills, speed and endurance. Some riders take it seriously. Most are a bit more laid back – on the outside anyway! The aim of the Singletrack Classic Weekender is to have a fun weekend of bike riding, good natured racing and a lot of socialising…

You can take the event as seriously as you want. Whether you’re an Elite rider or just a have-a-go hero, your hard work and bike handling skills will be duly rewarded. Or if you’re there just to have some fun with a race number on the front of your bike, no worries. The format of the Weekender is great for allowing varied competitors to mix it up with each other without messing it up for each other.

There will be three events in the Classic Weekender that will lead riders to an overall position. There are mens and womens categories and age-based sub categories within those, but not too many. We like to keep things simple. Your one entry fee gets you entry to all three events – plus a few extra mini-events that take place throughout the weekend. The mini-events for this year will be a mix of previous favourites plus a couple of new ones.

The disciplines:

There will be three events in the Classic Weekender that will lead riders to an overall position.

Classic Trials

This event doesn’t require much in the way of Trials skills really. There will be five simple, taped off, sections to ride, resembling “normal” mountain bike obstacles. A clean ride between the tapes is a “clear”. For every “fail”, you will earn a time penalty.

Classic Downhill

Doable on any bike from a hardtail to a monster DH bike. Smooth all-round riding will get you a better time than just being fearless. Once again, the penalties won’t be too severe. The main thing to avoid is punctures!

Classic XC

The Sunday will host the cross country race. The start will be handicapped so that riders with perfect scores from the Saturday will start on time, followed a minute later by riders with a minute’s penalty, and so on until the riders with the maximum penalty score bring up the rear.

“Great weekend, weather, riding and well done all involved. Mrs DE even walked away with a new frame for the bestest fall off. Back next year.” – Daveells

“Yup, ace event. Thanks to all the ST lads and lasses, and all the marshals who gave up their time so we could have fun. Brill.” – Cy from Cotic

“Yeap, had a really good time, was a bit stressed out on the Saturday when we arrived but soon chilled out and had a great time. Thumbs up to everyone involved great event.” – IamSam

“Had a fantastic time, it was my first ever event and enjoyed the nerves and tension waiting for the beeps in the DH start and the illation at the end that I beat my target of 3mins! Great to chill with like minded people in the campsite in the evening. Thanks ta all who marshalled, and especially to all those who gave me encouragement round the third lap of the XC race!” – SimonM

“Awesome weekend! Thanks to the organisers, marshals and all the people I met and chatted to everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere was just great. Time to make a list of skills I need to gain before next year!” – ctznsmith

“I’m dehydrated from the wind but what a great event. Thanks to all who helped and to the competitors that were, as ever, so friendly. What other sport cheers on their rivals?” – TimRaven

“It really was a great event. DH course was more challenging than last year, marked wide with lots of line choice it was hard to ride fast and smooth. XC was good and it didn’t send you right to the bottom of the hill every lap, which was nice. Great to catch up with people and make some new friends. Above all a good atmosphere and lots of fun, big thanks to everyone that made it happen.” – Simon

“Excellent event, thanks to everyone who made it happen. Brilliant atmosphere which says a lot about the people there.” – Ed80

“Brill weekend, enjoyed it all except the XC with a hangover… live and learn eh!! I also got told the Red option on the XC was faster, thanks to the marshals for the advice.. not that it made a difference to my time, the ladies in front of me were fast!!” – Alix

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