Midweek Merry Movies

by Chipps 1

Welcome to the slimmed down twixt Christmas and New Year Singletrack. There’s still time for Midweek Movies though, isn’t there? Besides, you’re probably watching this at home. And if you’re not and you’re at work, then the boss isn’t going to be in anyway…

Sit back and enjoy a few distractions then:

Here’s ANOTHER one of those fail videos, though there are some bike-related ones in there we’ve not seen.


Here’s a motorbike rider in Moab. We’ve not found anyone trying it on a mountain bike, but we look forward to seeing that… Grippy rock or not, this is still bonkers


Some track sprinters mixing it up


Some cyclocross inspiration for the last couple of races in the season…


Here’s a couple from the archives: A 1991 Grundig World Cup


And an early Malverns from 1993 (Extreme Neon Alert!)


And a big plug for the Todmorden Cyclocross, being held in town on January 2nd. Come and say hello!


Finally, here’s one for people needing some New Year’s resolution inspiration. Check out this guy’s morning exercise routine:

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  1. I knew I should have been a dentist.

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