New trails open at Coed Llandegla

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Popular North Wales trail centre Coed Llandegla has just opened over 8.5km of new red and black trail which serve to expand and connect the existing network – including getting rid of the less than interesting return part of the red loop.

Full release below:

“UPM Tilhill and Oneplanet Adventure are delighted to announce the opening of brand new sections of both Red and Black graded trails at Coed Llandegla.

More red trail, more black trail - a good thing.

The 6km of new trail (which run almost the entire length of the forest) were made possible by funding from Forestry Commission Wales’ Better Woodland for Wales scheme and investment from the forest owner UPMTilhill.

The design and implementation of these new trails has been a massive undertaking and has resulted in a close collaboration between land owners UPM Tilhill, facility operators Oneplanet Adventure and several local contractors including mountain bike world record holder Jason Rennie (world record for the longest ever mountain bike jump and is also handy in an excavator!) and World Cup legend, Neil Donoghue.

The new trails will be open from Tuesday 1st November 2011 and will mean that the red trail back to the centre from the Triplets will be ridden on flowing single-track – an improvement that we know many of you were crying out for and one which we truly believe takes the trails at Coed Llandegla to another level.

The new Black Section (2.6km) departs from the red trail immediately before the Twins on a new section of North Shore before taking you on a true roller coaster ride through the trees where table tops, doubles, drops and some surprise features are the order of the day.  The trail then ascends back up to rejoin the new red rail above one of Coed Llandegla hidden valleys before heading over to North Shore Island.

For your safety there are new trail maps and waymarker posts and we recommend you pick up a map from the visitor centre prior to embarking on your maiden voyage down any of the new sections.  Remember LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!

Everyone at Coed Llandegla is extremely proud of the new sections of trail and we hope you enjoy them for many years to come.

You can download the new map HERE

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    it really has transformed that place, its flowing and climby, love it, made it 1000x better place to go ride. the copious amount of board-walk could be interesting in the winter tho…

    Its a fantastic section of trail. Rode it on sunday with lots of others as it appeared open. Really makes the second half superb. The first decent is quite similar to Parallel universe in character and lots of fun. Great work guys

    Crikey- might give it a go this Sat am. Whats the earliest you can get to the carpark?

    I’ll be there next Thursday for a cheeky midweeker. Looking forward to checkin the new trails a LOT.

    In case they read this, a bit thank-you to the lads who helped me out after crashing on the first section on Sunday. Much appreciated!

    Rode this all on Thursday – really good fun. Towards the very end of the new section was my favourite – less of the ‘contrived’ table tops but still very jumpy.

    The wooden sections were long but all chicken-wired so not too slippy, even though it was sheeting down.

    Gotta say though – were you split off left on the black graded wooden section – its a ‘steeper than you first think’ type drop onto the wood – nearly got me!

    “wooden sections were long but all chicken-wired”
    I thought chicken wire had been ditched as a ‘shore’ building method as when you fall it hurts you more? Or is that just forestry comission stuff? Or more likely am I remembering things wrong

    All sounds good though, I look forward to making a return (where before I couldn’t justify it with penmachno/coed y brenin/snowdon etc etc not all that much further on for me)

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