Midweek Mini Movies

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Welcome to our regular midweek video spot, where we tempt you to drag out your lunch break as long as possible, sit, relax and check out all the bikey (and sometimes not) goings on from the world wide webnets.

We’ll start this week’s offerings with a look back at how the riders of the Steve Peat Syndicate got on at the final round of the Halo BDS at Caersws. It’s been a successful year for them, the riders learning from the big man as well as each other to put in some top results…

Next, the Coastal Crew go all All-Mountain. Look how lush it is there – do they have a moss and loam plugin for Final Cut or something?

Ever wanted to see Steve Jones of Dirt Magazine get mounted by Fabien Barel? No, us neither, but that’s what you’ll have to see to get through to the interviews with the pro-elite riders from this year’s Trans-Provence stage race. The interviewer looks familiar for some reason…

Ahh, walkers. They’re just riders who prefer a slightly slower pace of life and more chances to look at the scenery.  This posse of ramblers are rather puzzled with the headcam a rider has mounted in the tree. Is it a wildlife camera… …for filming wildlife? Is it a headtorch? It’s all so confusing. Conclusive proof that we’re related to chimps, either way.

It’s easy to hate Doug from Basque MTB. This is his autumn.

A bit of night-time cross action now. Olly Townsend made this edit at the Knog Muddy Hell CX race at Herne Hill and he manages to make breathing through your eyeballs look excellent fun – but not as much fun as standing about drinking beer while others suffer…

Liberté, égalité, fast riding, it’s all your country asks. Bernard Kerr and Tim Bentley deliver with some flat out (and tongue out) riding in France…

Having seen that, you’re probably thinking “Why can’t I manual everywhere?” – no problem, as Vito Sport and the Bike Riders United riders collective are here to help.

Johan from Zichron in Israel sent in this video of him and his friends riding the trails they’ve dug over the past two years. A good reminder that now is the time to break out the shovel and start creating some secret trails of delight to enjoy when summer comes back around…

Ash Smith as well as being the evil mastermind behind Trans-Provence spends the rest of his time drifting dusty Single-track and constantly having sores on the roof of his mouth from all of the ham and cheese baguettes that guides have to eat .

Alternatively, you can get your skis out and go for a gentle skush down some graded ice climbs off Ben Nevis. Tower Gully? Go on then.

Time to move off at a tangent. This is quantum levitation – besides being bloody amazing it means we’re probably going to see flying cars and hover bikes for the 2014 product year.

When Leon Rosser (No not the guy from rising damp) isn’t racing downhill or razzing his MX bike around the dunes, he likes to dabble in a spot of cage fighting. Basically he makes us all look a bit soft – except for John North, obviously. Video contains a bit of effin and jeffin, courtesy of Snoop Dogg.

Who cares anyway? Let leave with “Slash” Hansen eating it and beating it .

Till next week….


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  1. Just skate videos next week please :]

  2. nearly lost my coffee watching the muddy hell vid…..massive kudos to the guy dressed as mr blobby!!

  3. Mr Blobby was immense – the cheers that went up every time he bunny hopped over the hurdle next to the beer tent could be heard the far side of the course!

  4. Never figured out how to do that bonus trick…cheers guys!

  5. Never mind the moss and loam, what about the “Scottish winter – land of blue skies and sunshine” plugin!

  6. I’m not even watching the SPS video because the still scares me. Are they the group of ugliest people ever?

  7. I hope it’s not too easy to hate me 🙁
    I am willing to share 😉

  8. Hands down the best collection of MMM’s in a long while! the basque vid was the most effective ad ever – was straight on their website! does anyone know the track on the cx clip?

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