20 Questions with Steve Peat

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Who says that work experience is all about making cups of tea and being sent out for tartan paint? Our latest workie, Richard Butterworth caught up with Steve Peat after another busy season racing World Cup Downhill for the Santa Cruz Syndicate, to ask him twenty of our most weird and wonderful questions.

  1. Full name? Steven Richard Peat
  2. Age? 37
  3. What’s your proper job title? Professional Cyclist, ex-plumber
  4. What’s the best part of your job? Riding my bike everyday and having a flexible schedule so I can spend lots of time with my family.
  5. ..and the worst? Having to pack my bags, get on a plane and leave my family.
  6. Where did you first start riding bikes off road? Apart from up and down the street when I was three, I have always ridden bikes off road. I started riding bikes at the woods next to my local park.
  7. Which bike that you’ve ever owned is closest to your heart and why? The bike that I rode at the Canberra World Championships in 2009, it’s in my loft now exactly as I rode it.
  8. In a perfect world, how would every ride end? With a beer of course.
  9. Left foot or right foot forward on descents? I’m a lefty.
  10. What’s your most epic day out on a bike? I’ve had too many epic days out on a bike to narrow it down to just one.
  11. Worst cycling injury so far? Breaking my wrist and ankle in the same crash. That was pretty horrific.
  12. If you could go riding with anyone, who would it be? Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys drummer – Entertainment Ed), I might be fulfilling that dream in a week or two.
  13. Which cycling destination would you still like to get to and why? The classic ones like Moab and Alpe d’Huez for the Megavalanche I still need to tick off.
  14. You’re riding the best trail ever – what music would be the soundtrack? Anything by the Stone Roses. Stoked they have reformed!
  15. Tubeless or tubes? Tubes. I use tubeless on my cross country bike, but don’t like the feel of tubeless for downhill.
  16. Who’s your favourite photographer (bike or not bike)? For this month, Duncan Philpott
  17. What was the last thing you fitted to your bike? I fitted a Crud Catcher Fast Fender to my cross country bike this morning
  18. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been offered as trail food? I will eat anything, so nothing really comes to mind.
  19. Man-made trails or natural? Natural all the way.
  20. And finally, give us something that people don’t know about you. I’ve just come back from a holiday in South Africa.

As well as his busy schedule riding and racing, Steve also helps riders get proper race support as part of the Steve Peat Syndicate.
As it happens, they’re running a promotion through December 15th and are looking for a few more applications!

The ten members accepted into the program between now and December 15th will get a free plane ticket and free lodging for a Steve Peat Day Event in 2012 where Steve Peat will be attending, as well as many other members

They haven’t finalized the event dates yet – but it’s looking like Windham World Cup and a North American DH1 race are the major contenders for the event weekend, at some point in January. Here’s some more info on what you get…

What is the Steve Peat Syndicate?

It’s half development program, half race team. You apply, and are selectively accepted into the program. It’s a buy in program… For a little less than the price of a DH bike, you get 2 Royal Racing kits, FOX Pads and Helmet, a V10 Carbon DH Bike with Full SRAM Race Team Spec Build, 2 Race Day Mechanics, Scott Sharples Coaching, and Mentoring Days from Steve Peat himself!

Who will get into the SPS program?

SPS is looking for riders in all categories. Past race results are not an indicator of who will get onto the program – riders who will benefit from race day support, coaching, and mentoring will be vetted through application and interviews. In 2011 we supported members from Cat 3 to Pro.

How do you get onto the program?

Apply here: http://www.stevepeatsyndicate.com/

Have some questions?

Email spsna@stevepeatsyndicate.com

…or visit http://www.stevepeatsyndicate.com/us/