Countdown to Ritchey Oktoberfest begins

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It’s almost October so that means it’s almost time for the yearly Ritchey Oktoberfest down in the woods of Brizzle. Here’s what they’ve got to say…

“It is less than a month now before the Ritchey Oktoberfest 2011 will kick off in Ashton Court on the 15th October 2011 with the official launch of the superb new course.

We went out and put a little video of the new course together which will give everybody who has not yet had the chance to sample the new creation a sneak preview of what is coming their way next month.

Just a little side note before you sit back and enjoy our creation: 1st of all Paul Newman (Mr Bikefest) is actually German (see proof in video)…his accent might cover it well, and he normally wears a disguise but now the secret is out…and 2nd of all we filmed this just minutes after heavy rain. So you can see with your own eyes how weather proof, fun packed, twisty but still with plenty of overtaking lines this new course it. ENJOY!! Here the link:


Entries have been flying in but we still have lots of them left for all three races. To enter please go to our entry page where you can enter via the secure online entry or still go the good old fashion way via a downloadable entry form.

Fancy racing someone famous?

Main sponsor Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport have grouped some of the best riders in the country together to form the Bike Rider United Team. Four rather interesting members of the team will form one of the Dream teams who will mix it up at the Oktoberfest. Trials rider Martyn Ashton, dirt jump rider Sam Pilgrim, DH rider Steve Peat and XC rider Oli Beckingsale will form the team and see if they can give the other teams out there a run for their money. The teams ‘ethos’ is loving bikes and they want to encourage as many people to get on bikes as possible! The team will be around all weekend riding their bikes, chatting to the riders and just simply enjoying a camping weekend in Ashton Court.

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  1. at the point 1:19 on the video I was knocked off by another rider, giving me a broken rib and a few hundred quids damage to my kit, the other rider didn’t stop,

  2. Please, not the oompah band!

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