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We like Friday. Not only is it ripe with possibility of a full weekend of bike riding but it also means we can rummage through the post box and see what’s arrived this week…

Ibis Mojo HD

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (8)

It’s no exercise in subtlety but we reckon this, the new Mojo HD, is rather good looking in ‘Vitamin P’ green. It’s the heavier hitting version of the popular Mojo SL and Mojo, with travel bumped up 20mm to 160mm at the rear, which still uses the DW link system. Up front you can run 160mm or 180mm forks in the tapered headtube and there’s a 142×12 back end to keep it all stiff. We’ve promised to take good care of it…

Price: £2,174.99 frame and shock

From: 2Pure

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (7)

Just to remind you it’s made from carbon fibre. Note the neat cable guides – there’s one for your uppy downy post too..

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (6)

Post mount rear brake plus 142×12 Maxle rear axle – something we’ve been seeing more of lately…

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (5)

Internal upper cup with external 1.5 lower cups – a Cane Creek Angleset is also an option….

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (4)

The protected downtube should reassure you if you’re a bit twitchy about rock strikes…

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (3)

Build kit is rather nice – Formula brakes, Shimano XT 2×10 drivetrain, plenty of Kashima coated Fox – and these new, wider Crank Brothers bars…

Puky Learner Bike Medium

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (24)

We all have to start somewhere and this balance bike is a good start. Doing without stabilisers from the get go does seem to be A Good Thing and our local parks are terrorised by toddlers flying about on balance bikes. It should be pretty tough too, with foam filled tyres, a sturdy but simple step-through frame with low (29cm) saddle. It’s designed for children aged around two or 85cm tall and as well as this fetching red, you can get it in ‘Ocean Blue’ or ‘Lovely Pink’

Price: £64+P&P

From: Puky

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (23)

Salsa Mukluk

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (12)

Much like the obesity epidemic, fatbikes are everywhere. This Mukluk (Klingon for chubby rubber) is going into next issue’s ‘Attention Seekers’ bike test. It’s running 26″ wheels with suitably fat 3.8″ tyres, although there is clearance for 4.7″ rubber if that’s a bit narrow. It’s made from 7005 aluminium to keep it corrosion resistant as well as moderately light for this kind of bike.

Price: £499.99 frame & fork

From: Ison Distribution

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (11)

Rear wheel spacing is 170mm (although convertible to 135mm) and 135mm at the front.

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (10)

You’ve got five bottle mounts and there’s a 100mm spacing BB, plus a special mech adaptor to enable a full range of gears, not that we imagine we’ll be big ringing this one anywhere. We will be floating gently on top of whatever surface we choose though…

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (9)

There’s a full compliment of rack mounts plus some tidy reflective strips on the frame.

Sombrio X-Slats shoes

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (2)

The flat shoe market is expanding rapidly at the moment, which has made Imelda Marcos Jon very happy. Sombrio have just released a full range of shoes with ‘Flyer Sol’ sticky rubber soles in various styles if the Slats mid-top doesn’t float your boat. We’re liking the Meindl-walking boot styling of them though and on last night’s ride hope they appear to have excellent grip and support. The heel strap is removable and you get a pick of understated or loud laces…

Price: TBC

From: Hotlines

SRAM X0 All Mountain 104BCD 36/24T replacement spider, rings and bashguard

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (1)

Sim’s decided to down-gear on his SRAM X0 equipped Orange Five so the lovely folks at SRAM sent over a new 104mm BCD spider with 36/22T rings and rather snazzy carbon fibre chainguard. Due to the smaller chainring sizes a new mech is also required so there’s one of those too. If you don’t want the more usual 39/28T SRAM double plus an increased availability of chaindevices and rings then it’s a simple job to unbolt the spider and pop these on…

Price: Spider, rings and bashguard: £119.99 Front mech: £69.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Cratoni Titan helmet

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (13)

Plenty of mountain bike helmets seem to be moving away from the road styled peakless freak look and offering greater coverage on the back of your head along with plenty of ventilation. The Titan has an inmoulded shell and EPS liner with ‘Rearlight’ adjustment wheel. You also get plenty of extra pads to tune the fit plus a ‘netpad’ which looks like it’ll be handy for keeping your head warmer in the winter as well as preventing bits falling into any of the 20 vents. At 260g it’s not lardy either…

Price: £85.99

From: Hotlines




Comments (32)

    I have a strange interest in these ‘fat bikes’, I don’t know why but I really want a go on one. What are they ‘for’? Really curious.

    Ostensibly, fat bikes are for snow and sand. In reality, they’re for getting people to point and giggle – which is also a good thing.

    be interested to hear your report on the ride Chipps

    Didn’t your Facebook page yesterday say something about lights, tyres and gloves for this week’s Fresh Goods?

    I think I’ve just had a bit of a crisis loking at that Mojo.

    Fatbikes also make awesome long distance offroad touring bikes….

    Please get a review of those Sombrio shoes in the mag asap 🙂

    “Attention seekers” grouptest made me chuckle

    “Rear wheel spacing is 170mm at the rear”

    What about the front rear?

    If any of you ‘fat curious’ folks want to give it a try, we’ve a Pugsley demo bike you can come and take for a spin.

    It’s a bit like mountain biking as a whole – ultimately pointless, but bloody good fun.

    Caliper boots indeed.. Mojo is blowing my skirt up but the frame is pricy…

    When’s the review of Jones diamond frame out chipps?

    not keen on the ‘correctional’ shoes,
    but finding myself really needing a fat bike…..not sure why

    I think you could swap the pics of the Puky and the Salsa, and nobody would notice – they look strangly similar 🙂

    “next issue’s ‘Attention Seekers’ bike test” …

    Hmm, was it you that has been hanging around my house?

    Are fat bikes the new ‘fad’ for stw staffers to diss now? You poked fun at 29ers until they, er, became mainstream.

    loving the Mojo; not loving the shoes…hideous

    Puky rock ! – highly recommended (for kids of all ages).

    Love the fat bike, but that Mojo is hideous! (And I’m trying hard not to think about the shoes…)

    ” Thats it…”
    I want one, need one, must have one,cant live without one.!
    Please.. Please.. Please.. You can have Wife, Kids, House and at a push my Marin ! ! !.

    I need my Mojo……

    Hmm daddy new bike and daughter first bike in the same fresh goods, it must be fate
    Now just need to sell the wife so I can afford the mojo (puky already ordered) and everything will be shiny

    Fat bikes. Great for:
    Building strength
    Running over people legs in races (My best moment as ssuk)
    Startling nudists
    Bunker jumping
    Taking your dog for a run down the beach
    Upsetting sandcastle making children with failed bunny hop attempts.
    Stick on the new surly black floyd road tyres, motorcycle leathers and descend alpe duez.

    They also go in snow.

    what are the tyres on the mojo – they look promising…new specializeds???

    Collective nouns:
    A Micron of engineers
    A Bastard of Traffic Wardens
    A Bloat of Fatbikes…

    “Post mount rear brake plus 142×12 Maxle rear axle – something we’ve been seeing more of lately…”

    Post mount brakes. If ever there was a rubbish idea, PM brakes, are it.

    Oh no y mistake, there’s a fat bike here too…

    “Building strength”

    Is that some euphemistic way of saying they’re heavy and slow?

    Be interested to see a comparison in weight between a “regular set of wheels” and a fat bike pair.

    The Puky balance bike has lived up to its recommendations. One week on – I have to jog to keep up and he’s lifting both feet of the ground for around 5 seconds at a time. The look on his face is priceless. The only issue is that he wants to take it everywhere – including up to bed.

    Can you get the fat bike in mojo colours? Fat shoes for fat bikes?

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