Interbike 2011: Premier Image Sneak Peek

by Chipps 7

More carefully chosen preview shots from stories we’ve not written yet.

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Comments (7)

  1. Great to see Peal Izumi back in the cycling game. I hope they re-issue their Thermafleece tights, into the UK, in time for winter.

  2. PI Lobster gloves are ace

  3. hmmmm, like the look of those rocky mountains…. Mrs B harrangues me less if I buy canadian ….

    @Treyster; PI were out of the cycling game? I’ve bought their stuff in the last couple of years, definitely available on the continent if not in the UK … link to their thermafleece bib in my LBS below, in fact

  4. love that 29er vertex yummy any frame weights and pricing yet?

  5. Note the lack of 2008 Marzocchi products on their wall of pride…

  6. Pearl Izumi never went away, but they’ve mostly been concentrating on running and road. They’re imported by Madison nowadays and they have a load of new mountain bike stuff in the works – expect a full story on the company soon.

    Not sure about Vertex pricing yet. Rocky Mountain and Silverfish have parted ways, so I’m not sure who will be bringing them in. We’ll probably hear soon though.

  7. @Chipps and @freegan BF. PI’s presence in the UK has been minimal over the last 18 months, for example Evans Cycles has carried very little stock. What is out there on the Web are the hard to sell sizes. I may have dreamt it but did Shimano buy out PI? In any case feels like they are back.

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