Interbike 2011: More from the show floor

by Chipps 18

There’s still much from Interbike 2011 to show you, so here’s another amalgamation of photos.

Santa Cruz has been busy this year launching new 26in and 29in bikes so we’ll let it off for not having anything new on display for us (apart from Peaty’s full carbon V10). We did notice that it has quietly retired the Stigmata cyclocross bike. We know that they’re bound to be working on new things through the winter though, so check our Sea Otter coverage in the spring and we’ll see what might follow…

A nice Bianchi road bike...

Surly had some suitably big and rugged log rollers for people to try the Pugsley snow bike on

You've got to like Surly. Here's the badge of one of its 'team' - Tristan D'Anidaway. Go on, say it out loud

From small San Francisco messenger bag company to extensive shoe designers

24k gold plated buckle

And gold embroidery. You'd think they were celebrating a decade or something, but Chrome is actually 16. It just looks cool, OK?

Bargains galore. How come we didn't think to buy a load?

Imitation is the best form of flattery, or something. C-Drive reckons that belt-drives might be the future too.

This all looks very familiar...

A gimbaled bearing in FSA's new angle adjusting headset, the Orbit Option

With headsets to fit most big or tapered tubes, the Orbit Option should let you slacken (or steepen!) your bike if you want.

Max slackness would be 2.5° using a 1 1/8th steerer in a full 1.5 head tube and two Options.

Intense racing BMX bikes. Very swish

Phil Wood now makes a belt drive freewheel, using White Industries mechanism

Purple: It's not quite returned with a vengeance, but it is around.

Nite Rider - there's 4500 claimed Lumens in this shot...


We like this Timbuk2 rucksack that's a messenger bag. Or vice versa

Kryptonite has a new U-lock mount. It's easy to get the lock on and off and mounts all over the place.

Kryptonite now has a halfway house between its monster New York chains and more lightweight security. This is the Evolution Series 4. It has a 10mm, six sided chain and an entry guarded by that toughened plastic sheath. The lock itself has a deadbolt that fits through the chain.

Comes in 55cm, 90cm and 160cm lengths

Surly again... It gave out all its beer on the first day.

Some people needed to pass the time away

As we just mentioned. Thumbies are back! Seen here from Microshift, quite a few new riders discovered the simple and mostly bombproof joy of them at the Dirt Demo

It's not all just booths. Shimano held this Q&A (with free breakfast!) with some of their developmental riders (Paul Thomasberg and Adam Craig) and a Japanese groupset engineer.

Recon is a company that currently outfits ski goggles with...

A full GPS unit hooked up to a tiny in-goggle screen that lets you see a number of things. speed, elevation, direction - and hooked up to your smart phone it'll also tell you who's calling, where your buddies are and more.

Goggle mounted remote for the Recon. It's currently snow-sports only, but it's working on a mountain bike version. Wonder if you can get Eastenders on it?

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  1. Now I WANT this mask… Any pricing informations…?

  2. Good to see FSA doing an angle-adjusting headset

  3. what speed(s) were those thumbies ?

  4. I so want that Intense wipes drool off keyboard

  5. Why am I so exciting about the return of thumb shifters? I only got rid of mine in 98 because they wouldn’t fit around my Hope brake levers. A lovely pair of Suntour XC Pros.

    I’m going to need some help with the Surley name badge gag though. Maybe it’s just too early.

  6. Its not just the Stigmata that SC are retiring. RIP the Bullit (according to the website and rumours).

  7. Any idea on the price of the Cycledrive belt system? How does it compare with Gates?

  8. Ok i give up, what’s so special about the made up name? I’m being thick and can’t see it

  9. Houns – it sounds like ‘Twisting the night away’ 😛

  10. Never thought I’d see a Pugsley in the flesh in the UK but saw 10 (a rooneys worth) on Lindisfarne on Saturday. They had come across the sand from the mainland at low tide.

  11. Really like the Chrome stuff – but the styling and logo is remarkable similar to skate/punk clothing brand Macbeth. I mean, the sitting lion/griffin thing is almost identical for starters.

  12. Thumbshifters and purple stuff, can’t wait to relive my youth. All I need now is a DCD and a shark fin.

  13. HUD monocle system!! Coooooooooooooooooooooool!
    I think i need one…………don’t know what for but i’m pretty sure i need one!

  14. Trrriiissstiiiaaannn…. no i dont get it. In simple single sylabubbles please?

  15. Unless your idea of technical riding is a flat road thumbies are a nightmare… I tried them again a few years ago on a retro-bike and soon (re)learned the error of my ways… RF+etc ftw btw, ymmv, imho, etc etc.

  16. 10 spd thumbies, £100 on planet x though.

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